Caught Sneaking Out ? You’re Gonna’ Get Spanked

All photos courtesy of SpankThis.

men spanking men on helix studios

If you sneak out and come back at 5 a.m., you are going to get your naughty ass tanned red as a cherry. Max attempts this stunt as seen on SpankThis and his Daddy is not too pleased, blistering his taut backside with his hand, a belt and paddle.

gay spanking on helix studios

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2 Responses to Caught Sneaking Out ? You’re Gonna’ Get Spanked

  1. Tom says:

    it bring back the old days wen my dad spsnked my bare butt

  2. jimbar e says:

    caught sneaking out –Well if you make the decision to sneak out and disobey your Dad you need to be ready for what comes with that decision .In this situation it looks like it started as a hand spanking and then progressed to the Strap and then to the PaddleIt also looks like the spanking also started with this young man Jockeys on but not for long .That is those Jockeys came down and off very quickly as they should .

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