But Uncle Jimmy, I’m Sorry !

Spanking producers Tropixxx VIP updated their site with one of their classic films entitled “Sorry Uncle Jimmy” for your traditional disciplinary red-ass viewing enjoyment….

>>>>[If you dig Uncle’s who spank firmly over the knee, don’t forget to check out a similar-themed Tropixxx classic.]

Anyway, here’s a few ass blazing screen-shots from the vid:

This brat boy gets his hide tanned the old-fashioned way from his Uncle’s apparently seasoned hand…and eventually, his leather belt. He was supposed to take care of his Uncle’s house, not ignore his responsbilities and drink all of his Uncle’s booze. Is he going to take his medicine, or will Uncle call his Daddy on the phone??

Uncle’s gonna’ take matters into his own capable hands. Let’s get your underwear down so I can see how hot and red your tail is getting, young man…..

“I’m sorry Uncle Jimmy! It won’t happen again. I promise! OW!”

Getting that ass arched up over the couch, Uncle Jimmy unfastens his supple leather belt for an old-fashioned whuppin’. . . .

—->Visit Tropixxx for instant access to watch the entire video.

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