Should Spankings Start Over Jeans ????

All photos courtesy of SpankThis.

Spanking a naughty twink bare ass

I was wondering, dear readers if you, generally speaking, prefer to start spanking an errant, misbehaving, wayward brat over his tight jeans?? OR if you prefer to start straight on the bare tail, or underwear, to warm his buns up to a nice glow, for starters?  [Or if you are mainly a spankee, how do you prefer to be spanked?]

I have found an array of sizzling SpankThis imagery which illustrates the spanking over jeans method as practiced by the unstoppable Jeff Sterne…..As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated…. 🙂 Thank you!

gay spanking from helix studios

For more imagery from this blazing hot scene starring Christian Collins, check out a free preview video and gallery.


men spanking men featured on Helix Studios

Now this is what you call multi-tasking!


Twink spanking from

How appropriate that this brat’s name is Tanner. Check out a free preview vid and more spanking pix of Tanner.

twink punishment from Helix Studios

P.S.  Of course,  jeans ALWAYS come down for the inevitable bare ass butt blistering…….those jeans in a useless tangle at his ankles, ass arched up and bucking and squirming and growing hotter….You know they need it.

spankthis twink punishment from Helix Studios

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18 Responses to Should Spankings Start Over Jeans ????

  1. Franco says:

    Usually I prefer to get right down to the bare facts. But spanking on jeans can be fun, especially if there is no chance it could be bare bottom…A spanking accross the jean covered posterior is better than no spanking at all…..

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Thank you Franco! 🙂

  3. Travis says:

    Hell yes! I love spanking on the jeans first!

  4. Well… I suppose there are a coupled of considerations here…the first being, is this just a spanking or will a paddle, belt. switch or cane be used? If any implement other than hand is used, I recommend making sure the punishment is always given pants down on the bare bottom. That way the spanker can clearly see the results of punishment on the young mans posterior. Especially if he is due a real thrashing!

    However, if the punishment is being given in public, a bare bottom is not always an option, so the spanker must use his best judgement in such cases. One can always pull down the pants and administer a whipping, paddling or caning on the young man’s underpants… occasionally pulling them down off his cheeks to see the results of punishment before pulling them back up and proceeding. This will guarantee the young man receives an embarrassing and painful punishment while not compromising the modesty of others.

    The third consideration is what rule the young man has broken and how severe the punishment must be. There are times when a long, drawn out punishment is required…. one that may take as long as an hour or two to complete. There are occasions when a ‘Dad’ has to think about giving his ‘son’ a punishment he will never forget. In this case beginning on his jeans… then moving to pants down on underwear and finally taking down his briefs and giving his bare bottom a real blistering is a way to prolong the punishment while peppering it with lecturing, promises of better behavior and remorseful apologizes along the way. A tearful conclusion and a hug by Dad at the end is always best.

    I think a spanking over Dad’s knee that progresses from jeans on… to under ware… all the way to his bare bottom is a very effective way to deliver good discipline! Ultimately it is up to the spanker to make the final decision about this.

  5. chuck says:

    I discipline several young guys on a regular basis. Long ago, I decided that the only manner is which I would spank would be bare bottom right from the get-go. If a graduated spanking is needed — that is, one that must begin with a lighter level of impact while the lad is being verbally reprimanded at the same time and the punishment needs to go long (rather than strong), then I choose lighter implements with lesser force from my arm, but always spank on the bare. That way, I can see how the redness and marking progresses, in order to apply a righteous punishment without lasting injury.

  6. Ugly Doug says:

    Bare is best, there is nothing nicer than seeing a tender white bottom turning pink. If it starts on jeans and then pants, the behind is usually red before its visible.

    A nice warm up spanking on a bare butt is a good start, before you send him to collect the hairbrush, paddle or slipper.

  7. Bill says:

    I don’t see the point of spanking with pants or underwear on. First, bare skin–preferably nudity–is important to induce a sense of humiliation and submission. Second, bare skin is essential for the delivery of pain. Spanking should not be just a “symbolic” punishment, it should be a real punishment, so it has to hurt. The humiliation and pain together create an experience that most guys will dread to experience a second time. Thus you achieve the corrective, disciplinary effect.

  8. Mr. Tushy says:

    thanks much all for the great comments !! 🙂 🙂

  9. Rob says:

    I appreciate seeing a spanking or paddling on pants. I think the humiliation element though is best served with pants down, and paddle, hand, cane can be equally effective over boxers or briefs. However, to use a leather strap (belt or razor strop) type implement is most effective for real punishment on bare bottom. The added snap as the leather connects with the bare skin is rewarding to the whipper, and ads to the discomfort of the guy on the receiving end of the leather.

  10. Billy Boy says:

    Spankings should always be on the bare bottom. The point of a spanking is to cause enough pain and embarrassment so that the guy getting spanked thinks twice about repeating the bad behavior. Also, the guy giving the spanking can see how much damage he is doing and take it easy before he goes overboard. Getting a spanking over clothes is about as pointless as taking a shower fully dressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      BillyBoy -In regard to your posting about a spanking over jeans You make some good points and put it in good context You made me laugh Thanks

  11. spankanthony says:

    well spanking in all forms is always welcomed. I do like to start on jeans for a more domestic/school type scene especially on jeans with the belt for by the time the rear is heated it’s time for it to be revealed and something about being spanked with the jeans and underpants in a tangle around the knees/ankles the old fashioned way, legs constrained while kicking, ah…seems like old times.

  12. Jimbar says:

    I am a big believer that all Spankings to be effective need to be on the Bare .In my view it isn’t a spanking if this doesn’t happen .However that being said it appears to me that based on what read and seen that this isn’t always the case .In my view when all clothes are removed prior to the Spanking beginning it sends a very direct message that what is to occur is a serious manner .I also believe that a Bare Bottom Spanking allows the spankerto do his job without inference of cloths being in the way.This gives you direct acess to one Hide.When it comes to spanking one the spanker needs to have direct acess to the target area this can only occur when all clothes are removed prior .When and if a Spanking starts in jeans or in Jockeys shorts then there is the issue of who takes them down the spanker or The spankee .This part is avoided when it begins in the Bare.That all being said in some cases where a Spanking starts with one using his hand instead of instrument such as. AStrap or Paddle perhaps it could start on Jockey Briefs and they could come down when the Strap or Paddle is put to use .If this were to be the situation then would need to be pause for thevspankee to pull his jockeys down and would need to step out of them .Only when this would be accomplished could the Spanking begin again

  13. Jimbar says:

    Recently I have had the opportunity to reflect on the question how does a punishment Spanking begin and the choice of it beginning on ones Jeans ETC .Over the years that had the opportunity to work in the Criminal Justice System I had the opportunity to observe Corporal punishment in many different forms I have come to a couple of conclusions be 1 ) A spanking is not a beating and it’s not meant to be 2) A spanking can be a Licklinfor in some situations 3) A spanking should be a learning experience. for all involved 4) Depending on the serious of the offense the punishment should be equal somehow to the offense committed In regard to beginning a Spanking on Jeans my choice if isn’t on the Bare is Jockey Shorts which would come down later .However overall my choice would be on the Bare . Also believe in some situations a Skin to Skin Spanking with ones hand can be effective as a warning of things to come .On addition Point Ism not a big believer inOTK spankings

  14. Bradley Martin says:

    the dad-son dynamic is my absolute thing.

    when the dad starts with the get your pants down directive then that immediately catches a boy’s attention. it signifies that a spanking is in the agenda and there is no way to avoid it.

    besides, as irrational as it may seem, a boy ALWAYS hopes he can keep that last vestige of his modesty on no matter how flimsy its actual protection. so when dad pulls down the briefs, there is that sharp intake of breath and the automatic Noooooo!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I regard to starting a spanking overjeansI have reflected on all the comments posted I am a big believer in Bare Ass spankings however come to the conclusion that it is really the choice of the spanker and it should depend on what the offense is In my view there are many kinds of spankings by this I mean how servere does one want to make the spanking is it for a first offense or is it a repeat performer for a indivaul .If it s a first offense depending on the message that wanted to send the intialspanking would be a good onebutperhaps not servere as if it was a repeat performance .On all repeat performance it would need to given without mercy As Farwhat instruments would be used that would depend on the circumstances I believe servere hand spanking Skin to Skin sends a direct message so in some cases a instrument wouldn’t. be necessary As far as submission and humiliation is concerned it all goes together .If was to use a instrument my choice would be a Leather Strap and a paddle in some cases perhaps both.A goal in any spanking should be A Very Sore Ass and the inability to sit down and don’t mean just for a few hours it should last for a week at least

  16. Alan Paul says:

    I agree with those who say that the bare behind is the only way to start. Especially out in public! No need to feel sympathy for those who are squeamish and dfon’t care to see someone else spanked – they can always turn away or go home! If being spanked out in public, the boy with his pants and shorts (preferably being taken down by the spanker) will be utterly and completely embarrassed and will remember the situation better! I advocate use of the strap or paddle rather than the hand.

  17. eric says:

    I prefer a good paddling over jeans before moving on to shorts or bare with a belt.

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