Bare Ass Spanking Time for Miguel on SpankThis

All photos courtesy of Helix Studios and SpankThis.

a naughty twink gets spanked on Helix Studios

Miguel Santos steps in for his first spanking session with the chief bun toaster of SpankThis, Jeff Sterne.  [BTW, that tushy is just begging for a dose of the belt, don’t you think?]

a gay twink gets spanked by Jeff Sterne

Miguel’s tight tail is warmed up before his boxers are pulled down, and then he’s given the hand and paddle treatment. Below are preview pix from another ass-tanning scene with naughty Miguel. . . . .

naughty twink miguel gets a paddling on spankthis

Getting swatted hurts so good for Miguel, so much so that he comes back a week later for a second hard spanking session. [Hmm….I’m sure it would be effective to see Miguel spanked in the future in this humiliating position.]

twink gets a spanking

In the image below, Jeff Sterne examines his handiwork. . . . . .

a twink gets a spanking from Jeff Sterne at Helix Studios

A highly spankable backside…..glowing red, ass up on the bed, pj’s tangled at his knees, how terribly embarrassing…

But you know they need it.

men spanking men at helix studios

Watch this film instantly and tons more high-res red-ass spanking videos and photos at SpankThis.

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