To Spank with a Ping Pong Paddle? or Not….Your Thoughts ?

Photo courtesy of SpankThis.

So I was thinking the other day about the ping pong paddle, you see, and pondering its use in toasting the buns of wayward bad boys…

spanking a bad boy with ping pong paddle at Helix Studios

You’ve never seen this intriguing image before — as it’s a video screen-grab I just made.  This amazing, eye-catching photo is from an older, but classic, SpankThis bun-blazing video, that is a MUST-SEE.   There are so many awesome vids at SpankThis, both new and old — it will take you days/weeks to go thru the massive archives and all the scorching, hot red tails. . . .


And my question for you, dear readers, is what are your thoughts on the ping pong paddle as an instrument of effective discipline?

Personally, I find this questionable implement has a bark that is significantly worse than its actual bite.  However the loud “swat” sound can be fun for that auditory effect, but its simply nowhere near as effective as, say, the hairbrush.

Be that as it may, embarrassingly spread out, exposed and spanked OTK like the misbehaving bad boy Sean in these classic pics–no matter what he is getting his ass spanked with, its going to be hottttttt.

As always, your comments and feedback are much appreciated! Thank you!

gay twink spanking at Helix Studios

For more info on Helix Studios’ SpankThis, click on the hot ass below:

twink spanking at Helix Studios

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7 Responses to To Spank with a Ping Pong Paddle? or Not….Your Thoughts ?

  1. CP says:

    The first implement I ever used when I started spanking other guys (age 16) was a ping-pong paddle. Used correctly, it will redden and heat up a guy’s butt very nicely and the sting lasts for several hours, without any major welts or bruising. Ping-pong paddles are ideal for maintenance spankings or when spankings are given as a lead-in to other fun.

  2. Tawser says:

    The first adult spanking I ever received was with a ping pong paddle and the bite was more than adequate, thank you. Administered methodically and without mercy it can might quite an impression. I received that first spanking thirty years ago now and I still remember it vividly.

  3. Jimbar says:

    I have seen the Pingpong paddle used on a number of Hides .It my belief it serves a good purpose and most certainly does it’s job well .That being said in my view when the Ping pong paddle is used it needs to be accomplished by a skillful spanker .In addition it goes without saying it has be given on the Bare bottom .I challenge the perception that it isn’t effective as the Hairbrush.Further it’s my view that the use of the Ping pond paddle can be used as introduction to a Frat Paddle, which can be used later for punishment.In any event it’s essential that any and all punishment be given correctly .In my experience working in the Criminal Justice system I observed over many years different instruments used in issuing punishment .Some of those were the Cat &nine tails Garrison Straps and of course Paddlees .Nothing was feared more than The Paddle and often it was The Ping Pong Paddle that was used as punishment the first time around .I might add the sound of any instrument going across the BareSkin is awesome

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have done some. Recent research on the use of the Ping pong Paddle .I have found that it more than servers.But this it’s purpose .I believe that it could be used as a introduction to Corporal punishment and or as warning to Bad boys that the use of the Ping Pong would only serve as a introduction of punishment to come .In my view the PingPong Paddleworks best across Bare Skin however it was being used in a progressive disclipine situation I could see where it could be used on one.who might maintain his Jockeys or boxers for a. Session.This however would need to be a one time thing.It goes without saying all Corporal Punishment needs to be done Bare Ass

  5. Eric Ow says:

    For those of us who were exposed to spanking early on in our youth, whether through discipline or simply “playing around” with peers, besides the application of the palm to buttocks, ping pong paddles were seeming ubiquitous in their availability and their intrinsic obvious design for smacking buttcheeks with! Their essence of creating a loud hearty classic “spank!” sound, impacting a broad area of backside real estate, and allowing for a memorably extensive and lengthy application session that builds the gradual even heat and blazing hue, make them one of my most favored instruments – along with it’s larger cousins the Jokari and paddle tennis paddles! Among the sane, skilled, sporting spankers I’ve faced, I particularly love the fact of being able to both endure and enjoy what eventually ends up being very heated, thorough, and effective “bottom busting” sessions with these particular designs of paddles…particularly if it encompases a good 30-40 minutes or so, starting on tight jeans/slacks, then gripping briefs, then bare. To then undergo a classic, thorough OTK hand spanking on a totally paddled-out, swollen-up, tomato red, virtually unclenchable big bouncy hot bottom, is…wow. Thanks for requesting our responses, Mr. Tushy

  6. anonymous says:

    in regard. To Eric comment is to Bottm busting sessions of 30to 40Min strarting on Jeans Etc In my view all Spanking from beginning to end needs be on the Bare AssIn my view the only exception to this would be to allow one to wear pair of gym shorts. Or a pair of Jockeys or Boxers .However they would need to come down and off very quickly after he beginning of the session Thevduration of 30 ton40 mins iis too long.I want one hide bared within the first 10 mins .Any Licklim or Spanking would be very hot almost from the beginning but being on the Bare takes care of everything As far has a hand spanking OTk if that was to occur it would befor me at he beginning of the session In regard to Paddles used it makes littlevdifference if they are designed or not

  7. Dad @ says:

    No,, sorry to write, the ping pong paddle is for light weights!
    The tried and true instrument for a serious, FELT spanking is the classic wooden hairbrush! Been on BOTH ends of it for the past 50 years! It WORKS!
    Invest in one gentlemen, you won’t be sorry!

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