SpankThis: Best of the Belt

—->All images courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

twink spanking with the belt at Helix Studios

The producers at the spanking twinks site SpankThis have shot some terrific belt strapping scenes over the years.  That intriguing image above is certainly worthy of my top 10 tushy tanning list.  Anyway, here’s a sampler of some red ass belt strappin’ eye candy for you — all featuring the fearsome leather belt.

twinks getting the belt at SpankThis

Jasper gets punished by Jeff Sterne at Helix Studios

Belt strapping at Helix Studios gay spanking site

twink spanking at Helix Studios

Jeff Sterne spanks a naughty twink

jeff sterne gives a twink a good strapping

For more red hot, bare ass pix and previews, visit Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

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8 Responses to SpankThis: Best of the Belt

  1. Ugly Doug says:

    Some great pictures, love Tommy Andres (in the wooly hat) and the kid on his back on the desk is very cute

  2. jimbar e says:

    Spank This-this was again a classic .The clips of this young man Hide was better than good I loved the positions and it was awesome that he was in the Raw from the beginning to the end.I believe this is way a spanking should take place without. any discussion or hesitation .Excellent work

  3. Jimbar says:

    Jimbar –After reviewing the Best of belt I like more each time It’s Classic as it illistrates the way a Lickin should be given .I love the clips of the Belt along with the clips of his booty .The positions that he is in indicates that assuming the position is not a problem .Keep up the excellent work Well done. .

  4. chuck says:

    Boys’ buttcheeks are best beaten with the belt. There is something just so natural about applying a leather belt to a young man’s bare backside for discipline.

    • chuck says:

      Just an addendum of interest here: All the boys pictured getting the belt felt it, Sterne of SpankThis does not play patty cake. However, the top pic of Tommy Anders in his woolen beanie biting his knuckle against the pain, is totally real and not exaggerated in the least. From my various acquaintances, a buddy who modeled for Helix / SpankThis did a shoot with Tommy, and to hear my friend tell the story, Tommy is a brat in real life and a difficult guy to handle. So I can guess that Jeff Sterne was really laying on some very hard and painful strap licks to young Mr. Anders’ butt. Everything I heard about Tommy would indicate that he truly deserved a good asswhippin’ about once a week!

  5. Anonymous says:

    YesButtchecksshould be talen to task with a good leather strap .I believe too that there is something very natural about taking to the strap to someone bare Hide what ever the reason might be .In addition the sound of the strap going over Skin to Skin like no other and this also is very natural .With the holidays unpin us my view is all Spanking should take place before Xmas So lets get on with the sanctions and get all those Bootys that need to have the strap paddle get there medicine .If necessary extra pillows an be purchased as to allow some bad boyys the ability to sit down In addition Iam calling for a Moretorium that all Spanking and whipping not take place between the 24thru 25th if at all possibleIf necessary all sanctions can resume on the 26th and continue thru the 31st As we move towards the end of the year I believe it would be a good idea to do some typeof review in regard to the Spankings & whippings that have been given in 2012

  6. anonymous says:

    In reviewing the Best Of The Belt for a Second time -My reaction is that. The Clips were excellent I too believe that these whippings are real and nobody plays when swinging the belt It’s my view that all Brats need to have there Hineys. Roasted and tanned on a regular basis as reminder that they need to behave or Else .We all know what this means and if the Brats don’t know they will find out soon enough .In regard to the comment that all Butt Checks are best beaten with a Belt .I totally agree with this In addition nothing is more natural than a belt( Strap to ones Hide and the sound that comes from this action .I believe that all Brats need to learn hard lessons laying it all out awaiting the Belt( Strap )In my view a Well tanned Hide is a good sign that some type of justified punishment has taken place .

  7. Anonymous says:

    In my view the best of the belt just emphasis that when a Spanking-Ass whipping is necessary the belt is the very best instrument to be used .It does a awesome job there is no denying that

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