Spanking4Men Exclusive: An Interview with TJ Wood from SpankThis!

TJ Wood spanks a naughty twink

We are stoked to feature this wicked exclusive Q&A with pro spanker and seasoned blazer of buns at SpankThis known as TJ Wood.  His scorched ass policy leaves no bodacious buns un-blazed.   And we chat about everything from ping pong paddles to celebrity spankables and much more.   As always, your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated as always.

TJ Wood spanking twinks

One of the stars of SpankThis, the untoppable TJ Wood admires some of his red-assed handiwork.

Thank you TJ for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men!

It’s my pleasure! Thanks for asking!

So does your hand ever get tired from tanning the buns of all these hot twinks at SpankThis?

Not too tired. Not really. Sure, it gets a little red and stings a bit, but the pain in my hand is nothing compared to the pain in the butt of the guy I am spanking.

If you could take a celebrity over your knee, who would it be?

TJ Wood from Helix Studios

Principal Wood: deliciously old-fashioned and delightfully strict.

A few years ago I had a huge crush on Matt Damon and wanted him over my knee in the worst way. He just had a bad boy look that really appealed to me. I fell in love with him during Good Will Hunting.

Right now, Chord Overstreet from Glee trips my trigger for reasons I can’t quite explain.

And lest you think it’s only blonds that turn me on, let me tell you my first introduction to celebrity spanking was watching an episode of “One Day at a Time.”

And Glenn Scarpelli’s character of Alex fretted the entire episode that he was going to get paddled in school.

Now you have to understand that Mr. Scarpelli and I are about the same age, so I was surprised to find myself getting aroused by the idea of him getting a spanking. Now, years later, and I have come full circle as Glenn is one of my followers on Twitter. He follows all his fans, though, and he’s never expressed an interest to me personally about being spanked! But I can dream!

So how did you first get involved in Helix Studios and their SpankThis website ?

Jeff Sterne and I are pretty good friends. When we both lived in Florida, a bartender at The Cubby Hole (a local bear bar) told me about a group in town that hosted monthly male/male spanking parties.

The particular party I went to was at Jeff’s house and we hit it right off (figuratively, not literally! HA! HA!). He invited me to take part in a shoot that was happening near my home. I went and it just blossomed from there!

TJ Wood at Helix Studios spanking a naughty twink

At SpankThis, TJ Wood knows if you’ve been naughty or nice – but during the holiday season, bright red asses are always glowing. . . .

You play a variety of great characters on the website, ranging from the traditionally minded Father Wood to a stern school principal to your legendary seasonal role as a bun-toasting Santa Claus [pictured above]. What are your favest characters to play and why — and do you have any new characters in the pipeline?

I am an admitted ham. I have always been a theatrical performer and I like outrageous characters. In my spare time, I perform in a lot of stage shows here in Florida from big cast musicals to smaller, drawing room mysteries and comedies.

TJ Wood punishes naughty twinks at detention at Helix Studios

Detention is a memorable experience at SpankThis when run by the firm hand of Principal Wood !

Recently, I played Max Bialystock in The Producers and it was a blast. That’s my same reason for liking my characters at SpankThis.

I think playing that traditional, yet over-the-top disciplinarian makes the scene much more fun. A little humor mixed in with a nice hot ass never hurt anyone and who says you can’t laugh while you orgasm?

Father Wood and Santa are great characters, but Principal Wood will always have a soft spot in my heart. I would love to develop more characters, too.

I’ve always wanted to do a military themed spanking where I’m spanking a Private while working under the name of Corporal Punishment. Bad pun. I know. What characters would you and your readers like to see?

What have been some of your most memorable spanking moments and highlights at SpankThis?

I love all my work, but group spankings are my favorite. I love watching the faces of the guys off camera when they realize that they’re gonna have to go next! I have worked with so many great models! It’s hard to name just one! The live shows are fun, too, as there is such a different energy to them.

TJ Wood spanks a twink at Helix Studios

A bad boy punished.

I recently blogged up a Spanking4Men post discussing the questionable effeciency of the ping pong paddle in terms of toasting a naughty behind. What are your thoughts on that ping pong paddle and also, what are your favest rump-roasting implements and why?

I am a big fan of paddles and have used ping-pong paddles in the spankings I have done. Wooden breadboards from the kitchen (the long handled kind) make for great paddles as well. As does the kitchen spatulas and wooden spoons.

However, I prefer hand on butt action. That’s my favorite. I like the feel of skin on skin and it’s so much easier to control. That said, I also like paddles for the area they cover and for the great sound that they make. I am not a fan of belts of whips. Not enough control for me. Other men are more proficient with them than I am, so I’ll stick to hand and paddle.

TJ Wood spanks a naughty twink on his bare ass

In a SpankThis Live session, a misbehaving brat gets spanked by TJ Wood in the dreaded diaper position.

What are your favest position(s) to spank an errant, incorrigible bare ass bad boy ?

Over the knee, or on all fours on a bed. I like spanking benches, too, and guys bent over the backs of chairs or sofas. When I can get all the way behind a guy and use both my hands to do a “windmill” style spanking, that’s a lot of fun.

Most importantly, a good spanking is all about scene and sensation – it’s about creating an environment and a setting that gets the spankee’s mind to the idea that he is going to be spanked.

The positioning of his butt and the cool breeze on his exposed ass makes him feel that vulnerability that he wants. The sensation should be the tingle in his ass and the burn that comes with the endorphin rush. If you’re spanking a guy just to cause him pain, then in my opinion, you’re doing it wrong.

As Helix Studios keeps their focus strictly on bare ass twink spanking, do you think naughty jocks need this kind of discipline and punishment just as much ?

I think both types could use a good spanking. Older guys too. I like a spanker who can dominate a spankee to a certain extent. That’s why my being such a bear like guy enables me to spank more types of guys. In the end ( no pun intended), though, it is our fan base who will determine what they want to see on screen. Twinkie spankings are very popular.

TJ Wood spanks a twink over his knee at Helix Studios

I shall expunge you of your sins, via a sizzling naughty backside! Father Wood teaches a lesson on SpankThis.

What’s it like working with Jeff Sterne? [pictured below] and what is his role at the company?

Jeff is a good guy. He’s one of the most up-front guys I have ever worked with and has a good head for business. He keeps his sets fun and respects the models that are coming to his company to shoot scenes.

He is very above board and I have never seen anyone pressured into doing something they don’t want to do. He’s successful because he treats his models well. On top of that, he’s a funny guy with a wicked sense of humor and enjoys seeing a nice warm bottom spanked as much as I do.

Jeff Sterne at SpankThis

Jeff Sterne and TJ Wood shake hands on a job well-done! Or maybe they are not quite done….yet.

On a side note, I wish you would do more shoots where the spankee has his jeans tangled at the ankles, with the shirt still on, for that more “realistic” domestic discipline look. Your thoughts?

I would expect that is more incumbent upon me than anyone else. Let’s face it, I’m the guy who is the most “dad-like” of the guys spanking at SpankThis. Those other guys are just too young and pretty!!

I like to get a guy all the way naked, but I see the appeal of the scenario you are describing. Part of it, too, has to do with the set up of the characters I’m playing. Rarely do I play a character who is sexually attracted to my spankees; I’m always cast as more of the authoritarian role.

Sometimes, it would not be in character for me to pull down the model’s pants and undies, but rather have the model do it himself. That said, most dad type spankings would be more of a “lift your shirt while I pull down your britches, boy.” Hmmm. It warrants further investigation. Any volunteers?


TJ Wood as Santa Claus a Helix Studios

All Santa want for Christmas are sizzling, cherry red buns.

From your experience at Helix, what percentage of these brats appear to really be, errm, enjoying a glowing hot backside ?

I think you’d be surprised. Let’s be honest – of course some of these guys are coming out for the paycheck, but it is a remarkably high number that enjoy the spanking they get – even those who don’t think they’ll like it when we first start out.

A lot of our models have been friends of other models who saw how much fun a spanking scene can be.

And we get all types – gay and straight. I have spanked more than a few straight guys in my life. Some don’t want the sex; they just want that male bonding experience with another guy.

Some even want to relive that alone time they had with their dads. They may have been getting their tails tanned, but they remember it as quality time spent with dad. Some of our straight guys have had their girlfriends visit the set – and the girlfriends have told me to spank their guys harder! Sorry fellas! Other guys — a lot of them — can’t wait to be spanked!! They just love it!

One of my favorites memories is of one of our models being over my knee, getting spanked, his butt a nice cherry red, and he is turning to me and sighing very contentedly and saying “I wish you were around to do this every day. I would be spanked once a day if I could.”

Have you always been into the spanking fetish, or was this a kinky development that occurred later on ?

I have always liked the idea of it, but didn’t spank my first butt until well into my adult years. I used to jack of to old issues of Stroke Magazine because they also featured a two-page male/male spanking spread near the end of the magazine.

Thanks much for your time TJ, and keep up the awesome work !

Thank you!

All images in this post kind courtesy of:

Male spanking at Helix Studios


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  1. Stephen says:

    Loved the interview.
    I always enjoyed the videos when he used his Irish accent. Thought that was a scream.

  2. Duane Rush says:

    Really interesting interview, I have always been a fan of TJ Woods, he add a lot of humor into videos, and is a really big and memorable character. I enjoy him as Principle Woods and, of course as Santa.

    I loved the one where TJ Santa spanked Tommy Anders.

    Thanks for lots of fun and an enjoyable interview

  3. DeWayneinSD says:

    TJ has always been a favorite of mine and in the last year I finally met him. TJ is a true gentleman and Helix Studios and Jeff Sterne have been very fortunate to have his truly unforgettable characters in house to elevate the Spank This videos to above average quality. He is truly a master disciplinarian!

    And yes I have felt “His Mighty Hand”(spoken in John Hustons voice) no wonder he prefers hand to paddle action TJ has amazing power!

  4. Great interview Dave! TJ… I would love to see a new Principle Wood video at Spank This with a new group of guys… how about eight this time! What do you say? 🙂

  5. jimbar e says:

    Great interviewI loved his honest answers.He appears to be awesome Spanker .I liked his comments about the use of the paddle along with hand spanking .It’s only my view but dislike OTK spankings of any kind especially when it applies to older man .Just like Leather strap-I would like to see Principle Wood in a new video at Spank this with group of guys perhaps eight at a time .How about what do you say.

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