The Paddle; And Rob Ryder on Tropixxx


twink getting a hot paddling on helix studiosA true classic Source image from SpankThis.  I aged it a bit in the graphix lab and threw in some text just for kicks. Though personally, I prefer the belt. 

However, after reading some of the intriguing comments on the ping pong paddle post, I should pick up one of those as well for further hands-on bare ass research.

twink paddling from helix studios

Source image courtesy of:

twink spanking at helix studios

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In other red ass news, porn star Rob Ryder is back on Tropixxx getting his jeans hauled down, his undies eventually tugged down as well, and his taut tail spanked firmly, as you can see in the screen grab below.  Excellent to see the ever naughty Rob back on Tropixxx, glowing and tight bottom squirming and bouncing . . . .They are also working on new films featuring 18-year-old bad boy Nick.

Rob Ryder spanked otk on Tropixxx

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