Dad’s Belt

daddy's belt for spanking

——->Speaking of leather straps and ass tanning,  in case you missed it, some classic SpankThis belt strapping photos can be found in this post here. And below is a sizzling photo from a fantastic film that is must-see:

Drake at Helix Studios gets his twink ass belt whipped

An all-time classic film from Helix Studios’ SpankThis, featuring brat-boy Drake getting a healthy dose of the strap on his firm ass. A must-see video.  Check out a free preview gallery of Drake’s punishment. So naughty. . . .

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One Response to Dad’s Belt

  1. chuck says:

    The sight of a leather belt with a note from dad like that in the pic would strike terror into the heart of most any boy. Unless he is exceptionally gifted in spinning bulls**t and his dad is unusually forgiving, some lad is about to wear a set of painful stripes across his nether regions. In the model photo, Drake is sure feeling the lash of Jeff Sterne’s leather.

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