Sam’s Tight White Undies and Tight Ass Get Spanked

Photos courtesy of Helix Studio’s SpankThis.

a naughty twink gets a spanking at Helix Studios, over Jeff Sterne's knee

This just in: in the latest glowing hott awesome update from Helix Studios’ SpankThis, naughty boy Sam and his extremely tighttttttt, firm, and smooth tushy, and snug white undies, get a delicious OTK tanning from Jeff Sterne, because Sam is being a lazy ass — and pays with his ass.

(This film reminds me of another all-time classic from Tropixxx.) Anyway, for fans of traditional spanking, tighty whities and an even tighter ass, this will be must-see. 

Sterne warms up those snug undies good and proper, then yanks them up in a wedgie, before eventually tugging them down.  This is exactly what bad boys and sassy brats need — old-fashioned domestic discipline, don’t you think?

jeff sterne spanks at helix studios

In addition, Sam gets punished with the paddle and belt as well.  Hopefully Sam learned his lesson — or has he?

Check out all the photos and watch the complete ass spanking film in HD at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

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2 Responses to Sam’s Tight White Undies and Tight Ass Get Spanked

  1. Tom says:

    i like it brings back went my dad would spank me

  2. jimbar e says:

    I loved it .Appears he got what he deserved and more .The tanning of Sam Hide was A Classic Spanking I generally don’t believe aspankee should be wearing anything ( Nude) when a spanking needs to occur however in this situation The fact he had on tight undies made the Spanking what it was meant to be .The clips were great and we could have used a few more of his well tanned and toasted hide .Good work .

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