Good Boys; Tropixxx; TJ Wood; Tanned Tushy

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In other bun blazing news, over at male ass tanning site Tropixxx, Andy gets caught with a weed pipe, and has his pants pulled down, bent over the laundry machine and is punished the old-fashioned way.  [Though in my view, a standard over-the-knee butt punishment is always preferred, as seen, for example, in this sizzling Rob Ryder video on Tropixxx.]

Tropixxx male spanking and discipline

Screen-grab from the film courtesy of Tropixxx.

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Stay tuned for a forthcoming feature in which the unstoppable TJ Wood [pictured below] from SpankThis opines on the famous celebrities he’d most like to spank–and why! And in case you missed it, here’s a free gallery and vid preview from the latest SpankThis update.

TJ Wood spanks a twink at Helix Studios

Man. Myth. Legend. TJ Wood is all that and more, tanning tight asses on SpankThis.

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Reluctant Young Men’s latest update features Greg and his tight buns getting a glowing hot spanking and belt whipping.  A red hot ass, tanned good and proper.

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