Tropixxx: Best of the Hairbrush

All images courtesy of Tropixxx.

Men spanking men otk with the hairbrush at Tropixxx

My favest Tropixxx otk–hairbrush image, though the brush is blurry in this screen-shot, his cherry red ass is not 🙂

The producers at Tropixxx are no strangers to wielding the truly iconic hairbrush to blister a wayward, errant bad boy’s backside.  Here are pix from three of their most sizzling hairbrush punishment scenes.

>>By the way, in case you missed it, check out the Q&A with the owner of Tropixxx, which you might find an interesting read regarding the challenge of finding spankable male models, how the site got started, and other red ass topics<<

Rob Ryder male porn star gets a spanking

Bent over the sink with a bar of soap in his fresh mouth, tight bodied adult film star Rob Ryder gets his taut tush tanned with the hairbrush on Tropixxx.


Uncle spanks a naughty guy

Told to fetch his Aunt’s brush, this brat climbs over his Uncle’s knee for a hot ass hairbrush tanning. . .Check out more photos here.  Pic courtesy of Tropixxx.


men spanking men over the knee with the hairbrush

An all-time Tropixxx classic.  Caught smoking by his Uncle, this young brat struggles and kicks but that hairbrush does its bun-blazing job. . .especially when his undies get yanked down. Check out this blog post for more photos from this video.


For more info on male spanking videos from Tropixxx, visit:


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10 Responses to Tropixxx: Best of the Hairbrush

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have read and seen the famous Hairbrush for a while now.Up to nowI wasn’t very interested however now that you have bought it to my attention again I will explore it further My current choicesin regardto spanking instruments has for a long time been a Leather Strap and or a Frat Paddle sometimes both .In extreme cases been known to use the Feared RazorStrap .I must say that Athough it’s not my favorite instrument of choice I havevgreat success with it especially for older teens who are repeat performers.I might add that not a big fan of OTK Spankingsathough seen and read much about them .In my view a Bare Hand Spanking is a good choice and it can serve as a warm up to what comes next .I wantbto tell you That love your site and the imformation it provides. Hanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the clipsin regard to the Hair brush Only one thing there shouldn’t be any underwear worn it needs to be bare from beginning to end.Thanks

  3. chuck says:

    Have always loved applying the hairbrush. When a boy needs to be taken down a peg or two, nothing is so satisfying as to take him OTK and wallop the tar out of his bare butt with a solid hardwood brush. The small striking area and the density of the hardwood construction ensure a very painful burn with each swat, and an overall brush spanking will usually swell the cheeks and make them very tender – so much so that pulling up any clothing will REALLY set the lad’s arse on fire, at least he will feel that way! Brushing sends pain waves deep into the glute muscles, and the strap or paddle cannot do that in the same way – making a hairbrush spanking very effective.

  4. Dad says:

    I can ASSURE U THAT the hairbrush works VERY well to THIS DAY! MY brush is VERY EFFECTIVE when used properly! I have the VERY one used on my backside until age 21… MY Dad…and it works VERY well on a FEW sons here in NYC (that are of LEGAL age) when they have misbehaved or delivered a bad report card……it is a beautiful sight to see the RED starting to GLOW thru their VERY white briefs as the brush delivers it VERY painful message…..the EXACT same way that I was spanked……of course…the briefs come down to REALLY begin the spanking…..

  5. Dad says:

    YES! Let’s definately bring back the traditional over the knee hairbrush spanking!
    NOTHING works better! I am the tried and true example of it,,,,spanked exactly that way until age 20…continue the tradition till today…age 59! I’ve had MANY a “Son” over my knee for a brisk “dose of the brush”…it’s the only medicine that works. My brush is nick named “Doc Wood”…because it makes house calls. It’s neat, easy to use and saves my hand…what could be better?

  6. Alan Paul says:

    I’ve used a flat-backed hairbrush on bare behinds while tasking the culprit’s pants down in full view of other people watching the taking down of pants and shorts and the hasirbrush spanking – some times a whole roomful! I don’t know whether it’s the hairbrush, the bare behind, or the people watching, (maybe all three) but I find it’s very efrfective! The culprit’s red face is as often a sign as his red behind!

  7. Dad says:

    Allan Paul,

    WHAT brand is YOUR hairbrush? Mine is a 60 yr year old FULLER Brush.
    It has spanked 100’s of backsides…including MY own! Dad certainly knew HOW to make that brush produce tears!

  8. Dad says:

    JUST made “Doc Wood” some work this afternoon…..a “SON” of age 30….VERY spankable backside in tight white 2-xist briefs took a well deserved trip over my knee…kicking and bawling all the way…seems he’s been screwing up at his job…didn’t know how to fix things…explained that a spanking would make everything better. GOT IT! His hands never left my right calf as Dad’s trusty brush did it’s deadly job….1st on briefs…5 minutes..he had to watch the clock…then 3 minutes on his speedo tan lined backside. It looked as if he was wearing a purple speedo when he crawled off Dad’s lap….ONE sorry young man…YOU next?

  9. Dad @ says:

    Administered another SOUND hairbrush spanking last night…..ONE sad/sorry young gentleman climbed off my knee…after close to half an hour of the hairbrush doing it’s very fine….HARD job!
    He called today, to tell me that he was VERY well behaved at work today…he had been screwing up and KNEW that a trip over dad’s knee would set the record straight!

    DOC Wood comes through ONCE again!

  10. Dad @ says:

    That SAME “son” showed up last night, after a week at the beach…..VERY prominent SPEEDO tan line nicely SET for “DAD” to spank with IN the coloring LINES!
    And He DID just that…after 10 minutes of SOLID hairbrush spanking…my trusty Fuller Brush….ONE young man’s white briefs turned solid pink THRU the white fabric….then they slowly came down…do show a SOLID red backside….the brush then did a deadly2 minutes of brush to bottom action…he was kicking and crying so loud that I had to jack knife him over my right knee , with holding him down with my right one…left hand held in place with my free hand…after it was over…he actually screamed as I put his boy briefs back into place over his sore bottom…they were Hanes…very white and VERY tight…his bottom was actually SWOLLEN as he put his jeans back on….YES! A Dad did his job RIGHT!

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