Drake and the Belt


One of my all-time favest SpankThis images, featuring naughty boy Drake getting a sizzling belt lickin’ — ass up and arched perfectly. . . .the strap waiting to pounce and scorch that tight tail.  This is a vid from a year or so ago; but one of their hottest vids and photo sets in my humble opinion.

twink spanking at helix studios spankthis

You keep that backside arched! if you know what’s good for you. . . .


P.S.  And in case you missed it, here’s a gallery from their latest update: Sam gettin’ an OTK tanning.

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One Response to Drake and the Belt

  1. spankanthony says:

    lovely….awesome when the spankee is made to hold a posture you know the spanker means business.

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