Special Guest Columnist: TJ Wood’s Top 10 Celebrities That Need to Be Spanked!


What up my spanky peeps.  As the previously posted interview with seasoned bun blazer TJ Wood proved to be immensely popular, we are delighted to feature more of TJ’s always enjoyable and intriguing musings on various topics as related to cherry red ass.  🙂

TJ Wood twink spanking at helix studios

Whether he’s a Professor or Teacher or Priest or whatever, one thing is for sure: TJ Wood always ends up with a scorched tight end.  Images courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

So we here at Spanking4Men world headquarters recently asked Professor Wood of SpankThis fame, for his list of top 10 celebs who need to be spanked–and why.  Thank you very much to TJ for taking the time to compile his Top 10 list for this special guest blog post.

Dear Readers: Would love to hear your thoughts on which celebs that you feel could most use some blazed buns!  Feel free to leave a comment in the comment box. As always your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

TJ Wood’s Top 10 Celebrities That Need to Be Spanked!

1. Prince Harry, of course, tops the list, for his naughty behavior in Las Vegas. Still, it’s ironic that a boy with a butt so smooth should be named Harry…

TJ Wood Helix Studios

The unstoppable TJ Wood of SpankThis.

2. The boys on Glee. Bad acting plus great singing plus pretty boys all add up to some badly needed paddlings. Mmmm. Talk about sweet music!

3. Olympic diver Tom Daley. Just for teasing everyone with those skimpy speedos.

4. Actor Shia Labeouf. He said his next movie is going to feature him having real sex on film. He might as well have a real spanking, too!

5. Actor Neil Patrick Harris. Sure, he’s a bit older, but he’s still cute and just so damn perky.

6. The boys from One Direction. Because I can’t honestly think of a reason why they shouldn’t be spanked.

7. Dancing with the Stars Alum Apolo Anton Ohno. The elimination round would be so much better if it were followed up by the punishment round. Bruno Tonioli would be giving scores of perfect tens for Ohno’s ass! Ohno? Oh yes! And, BTW, let’s add professional dancer Derek Hough as his partner. There’s a boy who could use some good OTK time, too.

8. Actor Matt Damon. He’s over 40 now, but hell, I’d still do him. Oh – and I’d spank him, too!

9. True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten. If he’s gonna flash that bubble-butt across our television screens each week, it might as well be spanked. . .

10. Channing Tatum. Because if you’re going to strip, boy, you better be prepared for the consquences of your naked butt actions!

*  *  *

For more cherry red spanking action, perv on over to SpankThis!


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11 Responses to Special Guest Columnist: TJ Wood’s Top 10 Celebrities That Need to Be Spanked!

  1. spankanthony says:

    Great List….startlingly we share many candidates on our top ten list (must be a collective spanking mind)..

    I will pick one celeb to add to the hot seat. that would be mario lopez who candidacy for backside burning is as follows:

    cute face, nice round butt and mostly his goody two shoes always in control and pulled together presentation. would love to see that in control start to unravel as his briefs are pulled in a tangle at his knees. This is a perfect moment for the hairbrush to make an appearance. See his eyes widen and his mouth go agape as the first very firm crack scorches and sizzles across his backside, sorry Mario there is no escape. This story ends with a stream of salty tears and a rear end inferno!

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Love it! 🙂

  3. TJ Wood says:

    Me, too! Mario has a great ass. That’s a great scenario!

  4. Mr. Tushy says:


  5. nubianamy says:

    Oh, trust me, all the Glee boys have been spanked, multiple times, in our fanfic.

    And we must add Adam Lambert to the list.

  6. Mr. Tushy says:

    Sounds great.

    What about Justin Beiber? He seems like he could use a hot bun blazing.

  7. spankanthony says:

    I’m glad a couple older guys are included. I of course thrive on the idea of teen brat getting his backside spanked to a burning red hot cinder.

    but alas, I also love seeing an older but still hot guy being treated to a good humiliating bare bottomed spanking. Being put through those paces long after he thinks he should be. Especially that moment when he starts to lose control and cannot make it stop.

    I for one would love to see Brad Pitt or Patrick Dempsey bent over a desk, pants yanked down into a tangle at his ankles. Then comes the belt firmed applied, snapping viciously across his masculine rump. Throw in some good old fashioned scolding and after a few dozen ouches and I’m sorrys, that man is reduced to a humiliated and very sorry boy with a very sore behind.

  8. chuck says:

    Justin Bieber is a real teen brat, no scenario needed to validate that condition – and he could well benefit from a life-changing and butt-roasting lesson from the strap. I totally agree with Mario Lopez needing to be spanked. I recall seeing his first major role in the teen sitcom “Saved By The Bell” — and his portrayal as a jock type would have been ideal for a scene with him bending over in the school locker room to take licks from the coach’s paddle.

  9. Jimbar says:

    How about two other candidates Mark Sanchez of the Newyork Jets and golden Boy TimtobowI would like to see both of these young man get it with the paddle together we soon find out what kind of relationship they.have .A couple other good candidates would be Cruz@ Manning of the Giants they could receive the Feared Razor Strap

  10. Jimbar says:

    I regard to sweet Music there no music better than that of the Paddle&Strap to the Bare Skin.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would like to add To the list 1) MattRyan 2) Robinson Cano 3) Josh Hamilton 4) A-Rod Alex Rodriquez) 5) Tom Brady 6) Matt Kemp 7) David Wright 8) Phil Hughes-9) Zack Grimke 10) Mark Teixetra —I would Paddle all of them about 10-15 times and the winners would be those who have hides that allow them to sit down without diffculty and who don’t have striped or discolored HidesIn case of a tie they then would get the Strap and then a winner would be declared In case of a tie with all of them a winner would be declared by who has the best marked hide of all

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