Art by Jonathan: Bad Boy Punished

Gay male spanking art by Jonathan

A classic by Jonathan.  Certainly one of the very best spanking artists in the biz. What do you think is going on here? Strict Dad?  Old-fashioned Uncle? Strict brother? That ass looks like it’s on fire, and tears rolling indicate the message is coming through: red and hot and sizzling. 

However, I’m not a huge fan of the slipper/sneaker/flip-flop, etc., as a bun-blazing implement; personally, I might have gone with a firm hand and a healthy application of a well-oiled leather belt.

Your thoughts?  As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. 🙂

P.S.  Speaking of footwear for ass tanning, I did find in the Helix Studios’ SpankThis archives a video featuring a bad boy named Ben who gets caught trespassing by “Daddy Darby.”  Hot little outdoor scene in which he even gets spanked with his own sneaker. . . .

——–>Both images above kind courtesy of Helix Studios SpankThis.

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9 Responses to Art by Jonathan: Bad Boy Punished

  1. Keith says:

    Experienced lots of slipper from dad. With the right technique it can sting like fury but the sting soon subsides to a warm glow so there is no lasting effect and consequently no real deterrent.

    A lad needs some lasting welts from a tanning with a leather belt to act as a reminder that defying authority has real consequences and so be an effective deterrent.

  2. spankanthony says:

    Agree about slippers much prefer that belt or a good hairbrush (ouch!)…

    as for the spanker in this toon.. I cast him as the old fashioned uncle or the over strict step father who spanks for the slightest infraction. Both of those archtypes seem to relish their work when it comes to blazing backsides domestic style.

    This toon has three spanktastic domestic details:
    1. the pipe smoking.
    2. the simultaneous spanking and ear pulling
    3. the underpants slightly visible in a tangle at the brat’s thighs.

    a triple knockout !

  3. cpgiver says:

    Slippers or running shoes are spanking implements best suited to young lads who are being regressed to adolescence. They sting but not for very long, as has been noted by Keith in his earlier comment. This bodes well if a spanking is intended to be carried out for a lengthy period – little or no redness will be seen after a few hours and the spankee will generally be quite able to endure such punishment. In the UK, many P.E coaches used the running shoe more as an implement of quick chastisement than for any real punishment value. A lad given a few swats of the shoe sported red cheeks (an object lesson to the other lads) but was not in such pain that he could not continue to participate in class, or need some aftercare prior to resuming the rest of his school day.

    I agree that, for lasting punishment of older lads, a good dose of the strap is preferable. A boy (of 18 or older) is not sufficiently punished until he has trouble sitting down for a day or two after his spanking, and his butt sports the welts of the strap for a week or so.

  4. jimbar e says:

    I don’t especially like slippers nor hairbrushes .My choice would be a nice leather Strap doubled up or a nice sizePaddle with holes in it .In fact mty preference would be paddle with leather handle .I might add that don’t believe in OTK spankings.To me you need to have the Spankee lay it all out .A bench bed couch or table would do just fine with me .One needs to remember that assuming position is essential to the target area.One needs to remember that you need a clear path to the target area.

  5. jimbar e says:

    Jimbar –In regardto a spanking making it diffcult to sit down for a day or two .I believe if one is given a good hard spanking on the Bare of course it should create a situation where sitting down would be diffcult for more than a day or two .In regard to Welts and perhaps blisters on the butt they should last for a couple weeks.I believe if you are going to do it right it must be a tanning of the Hide that won’t be for gotten any time soon .I might add that Athough this may sound servere if you are going to Tan someone Hide it needs to be done right.If it cantle done correctly then it shouldn’t be done at all as this is a series manner.

  6. Mr. Tushy says:

    🙂 🙂

  7. not 2 old says:

    wish dad spank me like that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All bare AssSpanking is always more difficult than the normal one .It appears thst Johnthan gets it good with the feared Hairbrush I WOULD YHINK THIS IS A SPANKING CLASSIC.

  9. Jimbar says:

    In regard to the comment by. Anonymous That’s states All bareAss spanking is always more diffcult than the normal one .In case you don’t know it the Norm for a Spanking is BareAsswithot a doubt .In regard to Johnthan and the Hair brush that can be a Classic but you need to know that Spanking like all of them was Bare ass without question .

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