New from Tropixxx: 23-year-old College Brat Paddled & Penetrated

a college brat gets a good spanking and paddling at tropixxx

In serious need of a spanking!!

Intriguing update from the red-ass producers at Tropixxx.  If you dig paddling, spanking and some ass play with latex gloves i.e. digital penetration.

This video features an extremely spankable, very shy bi-sexual college student, armed with a very tight ass who looks like he just got off the bus, and was filmed back in 2008, but is new to me — and the film looks like it was shot with a high-res camera.

Made to strip and bend over a wooden horse, this college kid gets a hot tail via a sizzling dose of a mean looking paddle…..

spanking for men at tropixxx

a male gets a paddling on his bare ass

Donning a latex glove, the spanker tans this young brat’s tight tushy — and gives his ass some extra attention as well.

anal penetration of a hot male

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5 Responses to New from Tropixxx: 23-year-old College Brat Paddled & Penetrated

  1. Anonymous says:

    great clips of this young College Brat .It looks like he gets more than expected .The paddle looked awesome .It also appears to know how to strip and assume the Position I would be willing to bet that this College Brat was a repeat performer .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous–Awesome looking paddle Iam sureche won’t forgetbthis this too soonSome greatbBody language too

  3. chuck says:

    Spanked and fingered – both punishment and pleasure in one session. A guy who is curious and willing to experiment a bit will find a good deal of intense and interesting sensations between both activities.

  4. Jimbar says:

    The clips were great The paddle looks awesome I sure it feels the same tooI don’t believe this young man is smiling now .It lookalike his Hiney got toasted indwell it should .Bassed on his attitude he is sure to be a repeat performer .It my belief that there is nothing like the sound of the paddle across the Bare Skin.

  5. Alan Paul says:

    What and why is “Time Out?”
    I love spanking – especially with the belt as shown….

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