Special Guest Blogger Chuck: How I Spank a Young Man

We are stoked to feature a special guest columnist by the name of Chuck, who is a lifelong enthusiast of the red ass, and frequent commenter on this blog, who presents a deliciously detailed article on exactly how he blazes buns.  Hope you enjoy this article.  As always, your feedback/comments are welcome and encouraged.

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Written by special guest Spanking4Men blogger Chuck

“How I Spank a Young Man”

Anyone who spanks butts (male/male of course) has a favourite type and shape of buttocks.

There are thin twinks who have slim glutes that rise gently from their thighs and culminate in a trim waistline; there are full-figured guys who show average muscular development and sport tight, firm asses; there are those athletic jock boys who are noted for their bubble butts with lovely twin mounds that resemble rolling hillocks.

And then there are those incredible guys who have super large (in proportion to their height and weight) rumps that just cry out “Spank the hell out of me!”

I am privileged to spank and discipline several young guys, and one of them fits that last description. All of them are cute, hot men in their own right, but the (adult) boy I will call Chris has that special kind of ass that seems to have been created with my preference for a strap.

Naturally, a proper spanking must be carried out with ritual precision. A frenzied whacking simply will not do. One must respect their spankee and his contribution to the world of spankable butts.

So, here is a short description of how Chris is spanked — and you dear reader may substitute your favourite lad and his butt in place of Chris’. Just a note of clarity here, the term boy in this essay, is a noun used to typify a youthful-looking and young-acting adult male, of at least 18 years.

The Spanking

He and I use the generic term spanking, although the boy is not taken OTK and spanked as an adolescent would be. Chris is 23 and very athletic, well-built aside from his callipygian rump, and too large to properly place him on my lap.

So the implements of choice are usually the strap, and occasionally a lexan paddle with holes. Today, he will get the strap.

Firstly, a decision must be made as to whether or not the boy will be spanked nude or in his jockstrap. For Chris, this is an important part of the punishment ritual, for it signifies the intensity and length of the strapping that will shortly be applied to his delightfully rounded glutes.

He knows full well that his ass is very inviting, having learned how much other guys love checking it out back in his early teens. Being told to strip totally nude, signifies to Chris that he must endure a reasonable punishment, but lighter and less painful (qualitatively) than one where he is ordered to wear his jockstrap.

So for this most recent strapping punishment, I ordered him to strip totally. His gratitude at knowing he will get a lesser punishment is tempered by his awareness that I strap very hard in either case.

He will not leave his position until every curved inch of his ass mounds are dark red, heavily welted and beginning to show some bruises. Chris sighs pensively, with the knowledge that he will hurt, but is inwardly reassured because he knows that I would never harm him.


So Chris is nude, and standing “On The Wall” (OTW). This is a position favoured in military boarding schools to discipline cadets. The boy undergoing punishment is told to stand facing the wall (not in the corner) with his toes right up against the floorboards and his knees, junk, chest and forehead touching the wall.

His hands must be tightly clasped behind his neck and his elbows must also touch the wall. Failure to keep his body in contact with the wall automatically earns the lad extra licks of the strap, after the main discipline session.

If this posturing seems unusual, try it yourself for 5 minutes, and see how punishing this physical position might be, even without a sore and well-strapped tail.

Back to Chris – he is sweating his outline on the wall, another manner of stating the OTW position. He is told that he will take a modest punishment of 25 licks of the strap, after he spends 20 minutes OTW.

More time on the wall will come after the strap has done its work. He indicates his understanding and compliance with a soft “Yes Sir,” his voice slightly quavering with nervous anxiety. Chris knows all too well how the strap feels, and like any boy he is not looking forward to taking licks – although part of his mind knows that he will be better for having endured, once punishment has been completed.

Preparing for the Strap

Now, wall time has been served, Chris is obedient and has maintained his stressful position, and I praise him for that. Despite the intense sting of the strap, I never seek to break this lad’s spirit and make a whipped puppy out of him.

The essence of a good spanking is that the recipient retains a reasonable level of their masculine dignity. A boy steps up, mans up, takes his licks, and carries on. Chris knows this, and has learned to endure his discipline sessions with me.

I direct Chris over to the spanking bench. Like most corporal punishment apparatus, it is fashioned from a gymnastic vaulting buck with provisions for restraint if needed. Chris is an obedient lad, has always been, and so no wrist cuffs, ankle shackles, spreader bars or tie-downs are employed for his strapping.

He takes position, lying flat in line (longitudinally) on the 3-foot length of the bench’s padded top, with his legs stretched out and separated wide behind him. His arms and hands fall straight down and there are handles installed for him to grab onto and with which to brace himself as the strap lands.

For physical safety, he is directed to position his hips at the edge of the spanking bench, to allow his genitals to hang out of the way. A proper strapping applies the leather implement to buttocks and upper thighs, never anywhere else, and certainly not the genitalia.

Preparing His Ass

Now the moment of truth rapidly approaches. Chris can see me going to the small cupboard on the wall where I keep my implements and spanking paraphernalia. He knows the various straps that I use, and he sees me remove the saddle strap from its hook.

A saddle strap, sometimes called an off-billet strap, is part of a horse’s saddle arrangement. I can only guess that cowboys and dads in the old west must have used these as I intend to, as well as for securing the saddle on the horse’s back.

A saddle strap is thick, well-tanned latigo, and is a main part of how a saddle is retained upon a horse. It is punched with holes that are wonderfully convenient for both its original use and for strapping a young lad’s waiting butt.

Holes, by the way, allow air to rush through them as the strap is swung, which reduces the cushion of trapped air that otherwise would slightly lessen the force of each stroke upon the waiting cheeks. The same principle applies to a holed paddle. Those neat rows of holes also create a specific pattern of small blisters that adorn a well-strapped ass.

The saddle strap is not long at all and is intended for close up punishment, not for lashing as in a whip or razor strop or long belt. More control is afforded the spanker with this type of implement.

Well, Chris has seen me take out the saddle strap, and knows that he must prepare himself for the intense burn and sting about to impact his tight and generously rounded mounds. Just prior to the first lick, I reach down to the floor beside the spanking bench and grab the bottle of baby oil.

Chris is used to having his cheeks oiled, as this lessens the chance for the strap to abrade and chafe his skin. The oil also intensifies the sting, making my work a little easier. The shine of his butt after oiling is rather pretty, and sets off his nicely built body.

And So It Begins

Oiling done, I transfer the strap to my right hand, and tell Chris to get ready. I can see his muscles tensing, and I wait for him to take a breath and slightly relax.

Then, the strap is applied. Although I strap quite hard, the combination of a saddle strap and an oiled ass does very well and I don’t have to over-exert myself with each swing. The first lick lands and Chris is heard to suck in his breath sharply.

It takes several moments for the pain to build and I wait patiently to obtain the full effect of each lick. The first few will land on unstrapped flesh, and the initial reaction is that his buttocks turn white where the strap lands, then that strip of flesh begins to turn pink, then red, and then assumes an angry crimson blush.

Once that colour change has occurred, it is time to apply the next lick. I swing the strap, and the second lick is aimed at the lowest part of my intended target, the juncture of buttocks and thighs – often termed the sit spot.

This elicits a short yip of pain from Chris, as the thighs are much more sensitive than the buttocks themselves. I work upward from that point, lick by lick, until the first 15 licks have been given.

Chris is barely hanging onto his composure, grunting, moaning and yelping as the strap does its work. I allow a minute or two for Chris to catch his breath, and during that rest I gently pass my hand over his flaming ass, testing to see how hot it is and how well the oil is preventing skin abrasions. If needed, more oil would be applied, but for now Chris is enduring without any roughened areas.

The Last 10 Licks

The short rest having expired, I warn Chris that the last 10 licks are coming. He nods and sighs, fighting not to cry. Tears are often more from the emotional side of a boy, than from any response to pain.

Chris can handle the pain, I have seen him take much more in other sessions, and his athletic activities keep him fit and in shape for a good strapping. One by one, I apply the last 10 licks carefully; as I am strapping over previous strokes and must exercise care that I don’t crease the already tenderized skin of this lad’s rump, creating an unwanted blood blister.

Both well rounded cheeks are glowing red; holding one’s hand within an inch of them, one would actually feel the heat of the strapping. Lick 23 lands, on a particularly painful spot, and Chris yelps then I hear a muffled sob, as his control is just about gone.

I speak to him, telling him that he must take the last two and do his wall time, and then all is done. Gathering some reinforced courage, Chris nods, shakes the tears out of his eyes and grips the handles of the bench tightly.

I swing the strap on its last two licks of this session, Chris’s cheeks clench tightly as he tries to withstand the burn, and then I am helping him up off the bench to stand and gather himself. He is quivering, both from the pain and the intensity of his emotions. No boy can endure a hard strapping without some effect, and Chris is a brave boy despite his reactions.

After His Punishment

No touching is my strict rule, and Chris has learned that the hard way, in the past. He instinctively raises his hands, clasps them behind his neck, takes a few deep breaths and obediently pads over to his place on the wall, to take up his position.

Mindful of his pain and not wishing to totally break his spirit, I award him just ten minutes of wall time.

I lean against the spanking bench to observe him during this time, and I marvel at the genetics that created such a wonderful body, and those incredibly full and round butt cheeks.

Chris truly is a sight to behold, strapped or not. Once his wall time is done, I comfort him in the ways that he likes best. His sore and throbbing rump will serve as his reminder toward good behaviour, and will fuel the fires of other pursuits.

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5 Responses to Special Guest Blogger Chuck: How I Spank a Young Man

  1. Anonymous says:

    An0nymous-In regard to Belt Whipping -strapping -I enjoyed the process of being walked through How to Spank a young man .I especially liked the fact that you showed much compassion for the Spankee Chris but it was about getting the job done .In end there was compassion but not much Mercy In as much you are and illustrated that you are a Skilled Spanker you accomplished your goal with much ease .The point you make about being in the Nude VS wearing a Jock strap thought was a interesting point The fact you were familiar with the Spankee ( Chris) helped make it a more personal process.I also appreciated the way you spoke about the various instrumentsI have a couple questions 1)I assume almost the same process would be used if person being spanked was a little younger say between the age of16to 20 -I believe you set a tone for this Spanking .in regard to the point about the Jock and being Nude could you explain more fully the point you are trying to make. Thanks

    • chuck says:

      Thanks for your comment. Chris is a regular spanking and submissive buddy of mine. He doesn’t expect mercy, but does expect a fairly painful punishment that he willingly accepts. Now as for your questions:

      I wouldn’t want to run afoul of the legal end of things, so I cannot comment specifically about punishment for young lads under 18 yrs of age. What I can say is that the strapping I described in the article would be appropriate for any young man who needs the short, sharp shock of corporal punishment to correct his errant behaviour. I’ve never yet heard of a young lad being permanently injured from a properly-given strapping. Sore, red, welted, embarrassed, humiliated, shamed – yes to all those, but no to injury if the spanker exercises reasonable caution and does not overdo the punishment. A good strapping hurts but does no harm.

      The use of a jockstrap or nude…..this is specifically for Chris. When he is asked to strip totally nude, he knows that he will be in for a painful punishment, but one that is well within his limits. If I require him to wear his jock, that signifies a much more intense punishment where he will be physically restrained across the spanking bench, and the use of the jock will be for his protection. His physical positioning will be a bit different, and I would never want to injure a young lad’s genitals, as part of a hard spanking. The jock also creates a nice visual boundary, so that I may direct the strokes of the implement(s) to where they do the most good. Since a severe dose of discipline entails more than just the strap, (multi-tailed flogger and cane are possible tools to be used as well), it is helpful to have the white elastic bands of Chris’ jock outlining his butt – a target zone if you will.

      Hope that answers what you had in mind.

  2. joe says:

    I am a male 30 years old. Other people along with me, believe that my buttocks looks like girls. My waist is 28inch or less and buttocks is 37 inches around. My buttocks cheeks also sway side by side. How and in what way I should be spanked. I tell you that i enjoy my buttocks to be touches and caressed. Your response will be appreciable. thanks

  3. chuck says:

    Some guys are built in such a way that their butts look more feminine. That doesn’t matter when spanking is to be done, Joe. From what you say, you want a spanking and then some comfort and aftercare. Well, I would use my lexan paddle and start with about 25 light swats to get you acclimated. A five minute rest, and then 25 more licks, this time a bit harder. That would probably be sufficient for a first time introductory spanking.

    Aftercare, well that could include baby oil, or skin lotion of some type to remoisturize your cheeks. Spanking is similar to a sunburn – it causes moisture loss and chapping of the skin. After the lotion has been rubbed in, well that would be up to you and your spanker.

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