Go Get Me the Hairbrush. Now.

Photos courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

hairbrush spanking at Helilx Studios

A naughty soccer player named Gavin Stone gets his tight tail tanned with a hot hairbrush spanking in a must-see classic Spankthis video.


The Hairbrush: When you absolutely, positively have to get your message across.

We here at Spanking4Men HQ were recently thinking that we’d love to see more hairbrush spanking scenes.  The brush is domestic. It is found everywhere. It is easy to use.

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And you can leave it around and no one bats an eye.  And that potent implement can blaze buns to a burning, scorching level in no time flat.  Those sizable plastic or wooden “paddle” style hairbrushes at the store always get the spanky senses tingling…..knowing the kind of heat they can produce.  🙂

——>READER QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the hairbrush, my dear readers ?

twink spanking at helix studios

Love these pix! Awesome video. Gavin is going to learn a lesson he will not soon forget, via the hairbrush, as seen on Helix Studios’ Spankthis.

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For more on Helix Studios’ SpankThis, visit:

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9 Responses to Go Get Me the Hairbrush. Now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the Hair Brush –I have heard and seen many clips and the use of the Hair brush I can’t be convinced that it serves the purpose .My choice remains the Strap & Paddle they just feel right to me ,I understand however the value. Of The HairBrush but I choose not to use it .To each his own .

  2. chuck says:

    Indeed, to each spanker their own preferences. I will say of the hairbrush (or bathbrush alternately), it can be a devastating implement in terms of spanking the entire area of the buttocks and upper thighs, especially in the intense level of pain it can produce. I have seen a young lad’s buttocks swollen sufficiently that he cannot get his briefs and jeans back on without lots of flinching and groans from the pain of tugging clothing over those swollen cheeks.

  3. Jimbar says:

    Regarding the Hair Brush – Thereisno doubt in my mind we all.I knowhaBrushwhipping is priceless however to me a Leather Strap&or a Paddle can serve the same purpose .I believe when one needs a good Ass whipping the instrument of choice should be left up the Spanker .As we all know Instruments and the position one gets in are the most important in any situation.I know there are Norms in SSpanking&whipping as there well should be I believe the Climate created before a SpankingOr whipping occur are essential to the success or failure of the situation .Not for anything but I would think the HairBrush would be much less Imitating than a Strap or Paddle .We dowe all think about this .

  4. anthony says:

    Nothing burns like the brush. It’s domestic, it burns and will always produce hot salty tears.

    viva la brush!

  5. Alan Paul says:

    I believe the hairbrush is in a class of its own. However, I tend to use the strap and paddle just as often. It depends on what I feel like.

  6. Dad/briefspk says:

    It’s a fact….tried & true..iconic….nothing works as well for traditional father & son over the knee spanking than a trusty wooden hairbrush.
    I have the one that Grandad used on Dad and in turn Dad took to my backside…from age 6 thru 21.
    ALWAYS the same…..brush soundly applied to seat of briefs for 2& a half min. and then bare bottom for another 2^ a half min.
    Kicking & Bawling, every time!
    I always had a speedo tan line growing up…so when it was over..it looked as if I was wearing a red speedo! A FEW times a PURPLE 1!!!

  7. Keith says:

    Once had a ‘brushing’ while staying on holiday with an uncle. Sam seemed more like my own brother than my dad’s and there was always lots of fooling around when I stayed there. One day in the yard he heard me use the F*** word. He went indoors and reappeared with a hairbrush. Next I was over his knee with my pants round my ankles having my bare backside introduced to the sting of the brush. I started out as a 16-year-old but 15-minutes later I looked around 6-years-old with my tear-stained face and blazing red backside. Good lesson.

  8. Dad @ Briefspk@aol.com says:

    wow! Keith!
    Got many a hairbrush spanking thru out my teens…ALWAYS felt like a 6 year old when climbing off Dad’s knee…..he made sure that he always mentioned…..”I can’t believe I STILL have to spank U like a child”

    Last one was at age 21! BAD COLLEGE GRADES! ouch!

  9. mjldoc says:

    As I’ve said before, the solid wooden hairbrush is the NUCLEAR OPTION in beating bad boy butts–especially when long fall-out is required!! I’ve recreated Chernobyl in several deserving (and damn surprised!) young backsides!

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