Spanking Model Spotlight: Jesse Starr from SpankThis

When a standard over the knee ass tanning just won’t do, try this position. Jeff Sterne punishes naughty Jesse Starr. Pic courtesy of SpankThis.

Jesse Starr is blessed with buns that are begging to be blazed.  Starr has been featured in several scintillating spanking scenes at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

And this wayward, bratty twink gay porn star jesse starralways ends up with a glowing, well tanned tail, having his attitude adjusted and behavior modified. . .Some obviously much-needed punishment and discipline.

For more embarrassing “diaper position” spanking photos as seen above, check out this post. 

Anyway, we can only hope Jesse has learned his lesson to behave by now or ?

When Daddy got home……Naughty boy Jesse gets taught a good lesson, while his friend watches, and enjoys the red-ass proceedings. . .


Jesse Starr twink porn star gets a spanking



Jesse Starr twink gets punished with a good spanking

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And of course, there is this iconic, perfect over-the-knee image……

naughty twink jesse starr gets a spanking

A good, old-fashioned bare ass tanning teaches this bad boy a lesson he won’t soon forget. Pic courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

For more information, visit SpankThis to watch all the red-ass, bare bottom spanking action instantly.

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One Response to Spanking Model Spotlight: Jesse Starr from SpankThis

  1. chuck says:

    Sadly, Jesse has ceased to perform as a model, both in twink on twink and spanking scenes. It is thought (not totally confirmed though) that he was both being stalked by overeager fans and that he simply was tired of the modeling business. Then too, young guys don’t stay young-looking, and the money is spent on 18-22 year old guys who look like younger teens. That is the state of the gay porn biz and unless the audience at large demands major changes, the biz will always be that way.

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