Special Guest Columnist Franco: How Do You Get the Best Bang for Your Butt Using the OTK Position?


male spanking art by Franco

Illo by the legendary fetish/spanking artist.

Written by special guest columnist Franco:

Just some thoughts: My first spankings were ones that I received as a kid, and I remember being OTK.  And I mean OTK: ass up, feet off the ground unable to find purchase, and finger tips barely touching the floor, spanked in a steady, brisk cadence at length with my posterior higher than my head and shoulders.

OK, it’s different when we grown ups play with each other…yet you can do some things, little things that, if the idea of feeling a little more helpless as a bottom, and the idea of presenting your bottom’s bottom appeals to you tops — take the time to try some things that give you control and your bottom some butterflies.

1. Sit on a stool, or armless chair. Sit erect, in control…don’t lean back, stop slouching, because you are in control. How can you feel in control if your leaning, slouching or sunk into a soft cushy sofa?? Hmmm??

2.  Bare his bottom. Go ahead, do it yourself.  I personally prefer to remove pants and briefs completely immediately. But that’s just me….

3.  Take him over your knee. Your knees, your lap are a platform. This method of spanking didn’t just drop out of the air — there are reasons to use this position. Some are visual, but most are found in an involved, intimate level of control.

Ok, you are not slouching, you are sitting up engaged. Now, close your legs…that’s right, I’m talking to you tops…keep your thighs close…not pinched together like a school girl in a short dress, but close.

The reason? You are creating a narrower platform, make sure his hips are on your outside knee. You do all of this to get the naughty brat’s full weight on your lap, with you knee nestled in his hip.

Now, either extend the foot under his chest or tuck it under the chair, the point is to drop the elevation of that thigh under him a few inches. Then place the heel of your shoe, of your other foot against the chair leg, by raising up some on the ball of your foot.

I don’t need to use the chair, I can just keep my foot elevated….Now his ass should be jutting if you got it right….

4.  Slapping intentions should penetrate, not pummel. Your not chopping wood or tenderizing a steak with a mallet. Slap from a loose wrist, you should be able to do this for quite some time without getting tired.

With a flexible wrist you can get a snappy crisp quality to your slap. Remember cracking the whip at the roller skating rink. Same principle. You don’t have to put your shoulder out of joint to make him feel it. The snappy slap is penetrating and allows you to spank longer without any bruises or marks.. you can do the same thing with a leather slapper or paddle.

5. Enjoy yourself.  You don’t have to roll play unless you want to have too or he does. get a good cadence going and stick to it. Don’t worry about counting swats or him having to say “thank you sir can I have another.”  Get that bottom a tingling and show him his limits without making him black and blue with broken skin..well, unless that’s what you both like.

Bottoms up


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5 Responses to Special Guest Columnist Franco: How Do You Get the Best Bang for Your Butt Using the OTK Position?

  1. chuck says:

    Yessir, Franco certainly knows his spank technique, and shows it masterfully in his artwork. I confess that I have enjoyed the fantasy (many many times LOL) that Franco brings me with his artistry. Bravo!

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Good job Franco, OTK is the best way to give a spanking & also a good idea to give some slaps on the open hole…keep up the great work Franco, we love you… ; )

  3. Derek says:

    FRANCO! Love your work, sir! Your drawings were among my earliest inspirations, creating aspirations, for spankophilia. SO many times in my mind’s eye, I’ve been the naked boy, over his or her knee, getting the long, stinging smackings on my naked bottom.

  4. Mr. Tushy says:

    Franco rules! 🙂 🙂

  5. Jimbar says:

    I love the work thatFranco does but not fan . Of OTk method Athough I respect the fact that is the normal position in a lotsituations

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