The Tale of Marco’s Tail

Jeff Sterne spanks Marco at Helix Studios

This wayward bad boi is bent over a car and spanked in the middle of a parking garage.  But his punishment is far from over.  Pic courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Correspondent

Marco recently appeared in both a SpankThis video and a live event, and is worth a second look, or even a third.

Marco is European by descent, and sports a cute sorta-Brit accent and an interesting close-shaved head with stars buzzed into his hair.

But looks are deceiving, since this young guy is not as tough as he thinks he is, and definitely feels the pain that master spanker Jeff Sterne brings.

The storyline is very true-to-life; Sterne is driving out of his parking stall in an underground garage, and Marco carelessly backs into him. Marco is a bad boy as we quickly learn, he carries no insurance, and the hapless lad begs Sterne to deal with this problem another way.

Click the image below to check out a free video trailer.

Marco gets his wish, in spades!

The boy is hand-spanked over his jeans while being forced to bend over Sterne’s car, and he certainly shows that it hurts as he sustains slap after slap along with a very strict scolding from SpankThis’ expert disciplinarian.

Sterne quickly realizes that Marco needs more serious punishment and he trundles him off to his private dungeon for a proper ass whipping. Marco ends up on the spanking cross, jeans and shorts lowered, taking lash after lash of Sterne’s multi-tailed flogger across his firm, tight ass.

Tasting the bite of the flogger. Image courtesy of SpankThis.

It doesn’t take Jeff long to put a flaming red glow on Marco’s glutes, and the boy moans and whimpers as he is forced to count out the lashes.

This lad is no wuss and handles it well enough, but his grimaces of pain and the glowing redness of his tight round buns leave no doubt that he will not be sitting down easily when he goes home to call an insurance agent for a quote, in order to avoid any further corporal connections with his tender and welted butt.

After the lad has been sufficiently punished, he is left alone to rub his flaming cheeks and ponder the error of his ways.

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