Helix Studios Bad Boi Spotlight: Drake Angel

All images courtesy of SpankThis.

Jeff Sterne spanks naughty twink Drake Angel at Helix Studios

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Correspondent

Drake Angel is a Latin young lad whose screen name certainly tells the tale – he has that sort of innocent, angelic “who me?” look, but we know that this is just a front for a mischievous young adult boi who needs a firm hand to keep him in line.

Jeff Sterne, master spanker at SpankThis/Helix, supplies much needed correction to Drake. Incidentally, this lad is part of a video suite calling Spanking Twinks, which deserves your viewing. Totally delightful!

Sterne and Drake have that all-too-familiar discussion where the voice of authority trumps the cute twink, and very soon Drake is undressed and his well-turned tail is receiving what is formally known as forcible corrective percussion.

For you and I, that means a good ass-whipping!

twink spanking at Helix Studios

Young Drake is honest, and shares with Jeff Sterne his sensual enjoyment of hot swats from paddles and straps, and Sterne doesn’t disappoint the lad.

We see the paddle applied over snug jeans, then Jeff’s experienced hand does the job, and shortly those jeans come down to reveal underwear, over which Drakes continues to feel the force of a hard hand spanking.

The scene doesn’t stop there.

Drake is soon stripped down to bare booty, and what a cute set of rump mounds he has.

Sterne loses no time in warming them up by hand, and then employs the strap as further corrective corporal punishment.

Drake signifies his painful experiences, but underneath his moans we hear the voice of a boi enjoying himself – and that conveys itself to us in the viewing audience.

Nothing can be hotter than watching a lad take a good hard spanking, knowing that he is obtaining pleasure while enduring correction.

With pillows under his middle to raise those glutes nice and high, Drake shows that he can satisfy our preferences for a spankable boi, as well as take good licks from Jeff Sterne as needed correction.

This particular spanking is one of the best that has been presented at SpankThis, though all the boi models who bare it and bend over for the SpankThis cameras are great in their own right.

As punishment is concluded, Sterne returns to using his tough hand on Drake’s already hot and red butt. Having done this myself, I can assure readers that a hand spanking on top of a belt whipping really gets a boi’s attention!

As this video draws to a close, Drake is panting with exhaustion, but utters a triumphant “I did it!” to Jeff, as Sterne gently rubs the lads neck and shoulders in a fatherly manner of soothing a spanked boy. Obviously both spanker and spankee were well up for this production, and their enjoyment serves to spark our pleasure.

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  1. Jimbar says:

    Jimbae–Regarding the clips they were great .It look like Bad Bo spotlight Drake Angel I gets a well deserved Hot Ass whipping .In my my view all goes into this before he gets his BootyBare is unnecessary .I believe when whipping is going to occur the person being spanked needs to be Naked to start with .In addition OTK isn’t a favorite assuming the position .I would prefer that the spankee be put across a bench or bed where it’s all layed out and a excellent target for the AssWhipping is provided In regard to hand spanking I believe that is most effective after the Strap &Paddle have done there work .In essense it is my belief that when a Ass whipping is going to occur little or no dialogue is necessary .If there work to be done let’s get on with it

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