Outdoor Ass Whippin’

male belt whipping

A truly intriguing belt whipping image.  Anyone know where this is from ?

*  *  *

Speaking of intriguing, check out Rob Ryder’s firm, tight ass on M-M spanking site Tropixxx facing up to the flaming frat paddle.

gay porn star Rob Ryder gets his ass spanked

*  *  *

And perv on over to Reluctant Young Men to watch naughty boi Jake get his ass lit up to a glowing hot hue.

men spanking men

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2 Responses to Outdoor Ass Whippin’

  1. Keith says:

    ‘Outdoor Ass Whippin’ pictures come from a scene set in Wales? I have a couple of others from the same set but don’t know how to get them to you.

  2. spankanthony says:

    rob ryder getting his little ass paddled and not a minute too soon….Seriously I think he should be contracted at Tropixx as the whipping boy. I have a long list of errors I’ve committed that he can pay for across his backside. And I don’t believe any of Tropixx’s fans would protest.

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