SpankThis Spotlight: A Bun Blazing Bad Boi Spankathon

four twinks get spanked at Helix Studios

The tireless TJ Wood and the unstoppable Jeffrey Sterne combine fanny flaming forces in this SpankThis 1-hour long bun blazing bad boi spankathon.   (In case you missed it, check out an interview with spanker extraordinaire TJ Wood.)

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Correspondent

SpankThis has evolved incredibly over the last 10 years or so.

From a tiny one-bedroom apartment in South Florida where they first produced some of the best, world class male/male spank videos (with some very cute twinks), this premiere production studio has grown in size, and in audience base and diversity to where they have a professionally-equipped studio in San Diego, California, creating various genres of twink videos.

I visited that city some time ago, and the weather is fantastic – the amenities are first class – and there are LOTS of cute young men walking around who need spanking!

Jeff Sterne and TJ Wood are master spankers and disciplinarians at SpankThis, and they recently appeared in a 1-hour long live streaming video event: A veritable bevy of beautiful boys’ bared buttocks, that behoove us to beat them beet red.

Click the image below for a preview video:

I had the opportunity to view the video as a playback after the live netcast, and thought it worthy of some comment.

Instead of just one lad being spanked for disciplinary improvement (and our viewing pleasure), this live event featured four…count ’em…FOUR well-endowed model boys who take a flurry of hard spanks during the 59 minute event.

TJ Wood spanks a naughty bad boi twink at Helix Studios

An iconic image! Bad boi Chase Young feels TJ Wood’s sizzling hand of justice at SpankThis.

All of them are superb in their own right, but the boy who stands out for me is the lad who opened the program, Chase Young, pictured above. He was perched over a large stool almost as a living centerpiece, naked except for a jockstrap that did perfect justice to shaping his very ample set of rump cheeks.

Chase Young has appeared in a number of SpankThis productions, and he has both a very full and rounded ass (just perfect for paddling!) as well as a very comfortable and professional on-camera attitude.

As Jeff Sterne opens the show and introduces TJ Wood who will assist him in spanking, Chase is the focus, with that cute jockstrap-framed ass and his winning smile. Chase has posed a snarky challenge to TJ, in that the lad claims Mr. Wood just can’t spank very hard.

TJ proves him wrong, and delivers a stinging, smarting hand spanking that has Chase moaning and grunting as his beleaguered butt cheeks feel the impact of TJ Woods very strong and large hand. Chase is a real pro and his ass just soaks up those spanks.

gay spanking at Helix Studios

Next up is Tony Wolf, who is new to SpankThis and new to spanking as well. Tony admits to having never been spanked as a youth, but Jeff soon remedies that lack of experience.

As Tony is introduced, he undresses and shows off a nice, lean, toned body. Sterne has the boy strip to underwear and show his body off from all angles. The spanks begin by hand over his shorts, and at first Tony seems kind of nonchalant, but that soon changes.

It doesn’t take long for the boy to be ordered to shed the underwear, and for Jeff to continue toning up those lean cheeks. Jeff Sterne knows how to spank young men, and indulges in one of his personal favourite pleasures, spanking of the lad’s butt crack and tender area around the crenelated muscle sphincter fixture colloquially known as the asshole.

Four twinks get spankings at Helix Studios

With a delicate yet firm touch, Sterne rapidly ramps up the spanks, turning Tony’s tight tush very cherry red. I must give due credit to Jeff Sterne, who did not overdo his mastery of the lad, but used only his hand to chastise Tony in this first ever spanking he endured.

Gotta love a boy’s first spanking experience, and Tony did well. The live studio audience adds to the fun of viewing this video, and they gave Tony a good hand of applause, after Sterne gave Tony the benefit of his good hand of spanking.

Next on the viewing agenda is TJ Wood, in costume and persona as the typical Irish priest who in fantasy (and reality in various places) takes the time to spank and train young lads. TJ (as Father Wood) is seen in a mock classroom setting, part of the new and expanded production studio at SpankThis.

Mr. Wood is an experienced actor and a comedian as well, as he sets up the scene with some lively humour. These netcasts, BTW, are free for anyone to view live, simply by registering with the SpankThis site, and there is a schedule of when the live events are broadcast.

It’s worth the time to register, if only to see some hot young twinks being spanked and the well-played comedy of TJ Wood. “Father” Wood, pictured above, brings the boys into his detention classroom, discussing their malfeasance and preparing them for due punishment with some cute lines.

Christian (played by Alexi Morgan) is brought in and Nicholas Leoni shortly thereafter. Some typical schoolboy bad behaviour is mentioned and of course Father Wood, being the staunch and upstanding disciplinarian that he always is, soon sees to the lads and produces a first class crop of reddened boy butt cheeks.

SpankThis live featuring TJ Wood and Jeff Sterne

Nicholas is accused of bullying other boys and takes punishment for that, as Father Woods notes the tat on our boy Nicolas’ right cheek. As the lad is taken OTK, we see a very well-muscled rump and thighs.

Always a pleasure to see and to spank an athletic boy in good shape. The good Father is something of a traditionalist, and uses only his broad and toughened hand to wreak spanking havoc on Nicholas’ mounds.

Four twinks getting hot spankings at Helix Studios

Errant bad boi Chase Young gets the TJ Wood tanning treatment at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

Christian is next and while still in his underwear, he too finds that same spot across Father Woods’ lap. Those lads look ever so delightful in their classic head down ass up posture. The shorts come off pretty quickly and the second lad of the bunch feels the sting of a bare hand on his equally bare buttocks.

The Priest soon has Christian bent over standing, to take hard smacks up and down his rapidly reddening ass. Although these are painful spankings, not just love taps, TJ Wood playing the Father does it all in such a comical way that one cannot help but chuckle and join in the viewing fun.

Jeff Sterne joins the action next, and things really begin to heat up as he moves the tables around somewhat, and brings in the other two previously spanked lads, Tony and Chase. All four lads are bare-bottomed and bending over the tables. The next level of spanking involves a few choice implements, as Father Wood removes his robes and returns with a holed paddle and a leather punishment strap.

The boys are put to the test as they are questioned on various subjects, and spanked while they ponder their responses. The sight of four nicely rumped young lads bending over to take hard swats is almost too much to appreciate at one sitting.

I found myself watching this one several times to fully enjoy it. The lads are urged to answer test questions and to endure groups of 5 hard paddle licks as they attempt to beat the clock, while Jeff and TJ beat their butts.

Anyone who is a lover of schoolboy spanking scenes will enjoy the butt toasting, corner time and the glorious view of young male anatomy. Alexi Morgan is the winner, of the “who can answer more quickly” contest, and as the video comes to a close, the lads are lined up and asked how they enjoyed taking licks.

Alexi takes a few more swats at the end from TJ Wood, and although all in fun, it is clear that he feels the sting of each one as he counts them out. Alexi’s buns of steel finally do show a little bruising from those last paddle swats.

A spanking good time was surely had by all!

Visit SpankThis to take a free site tour and check out all the feverishly hot and well-spanked tails….

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