Bad Boi Tye Gets a Twink Tanning


A bad boi gets a spanking

It’s what a bad boi needs.  All images courtesy of Reluctant Young Men

Hot new vid over at M-M spanking site Reluctant Young Men.  A twink video in the style of much of the Helix Studios’ SpankThis material.  Here we blue-haired edgy young punky twink Tye getting his tight tail toasted: enjoy a few preview piccies.

For more info, perv on over to Reluctant Young Men.

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2 Responses to Bad Boi Tye Gets a Twink Tanning

  1. Jimbar says:

    regarding Bad boy Bo —It certainly looks like this Bad boy is in position for a good tanning At first he appears to have a smile on his face thst changers in the following two clips However the clips aren’t totally clear so one doesn’t see the result of this alleged Tanning In addition Athough it’s clear this was a OTk situation the clips don’t give one any clear view of this Bad Boy Hide .I believe it would been much better had Jockey Underwear been down and off

  2. Anonymous Fo says:

    I love the position that this young man is in .I don’t believe there is much doubt about what is going to happen .Although not a big fan of OTK in this situation it fits rather well I agree we don’t get a good look at this young man Hide before or after however it clear in the clips what ever he is wearing in regard to cloths (Jockey Shorts) is coming down and off .In fact in one of clips his jockeys are at his ankles .Excellent work

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