Of Spanking and Restraint: ExtremeBoyz

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

All images courtesy of ExtremeBoyz.

Everyone has different tastes, and the male/male spanking genre has various subdivisions of types and styles. One of the lesser explored is spanking and bondage. There are a number of guys out there who enjoy seeing a young lad placed in some type of restraint situation or unique position and given a sound spanking.

Equally so, there are a number of guys out there who would like to BE the spanked boy in that pose. Bondage and discipline are not new, not by a long shot. But these days it is much easier to surf the web and find those images that bring pleasure.

I’ve chosen several pics from one of the best twink bondage sites currently offering this material — ExtremeBoyz. They produce a number of of different videos, some with spanking, others with bondage and hardcore corporal punishment, and others with related material. Here are some interesting shots of young guys being disciplined in more strenuous circumstances.


When a boy needs to be disciplined for his own good, he may balk and resist his disciplinarian. To help a lad focus on his punishment, he might need to be restrained. One way to accomplish this is to secure his arms outstretched on the horizontal member of a cross.

The lad in view, Tal, has already been given several dozen licks with a paddle and a leather slapper; and is spending a short reflective time on the cross, waiting for his disciplinarian to continue the chastisement.


Here we have Tal again, restrained to a sitting block. His ankles are shackled with leather cuffs to the sides of the block, and his hands (not visible in this pic) are cuffed in front of him. As we can see, Tal is being spanked with a riding crop.

This implement may look light, but it packs a very nasty sting. Tal earned this spanking by acting like a stubborn brat when told to clean up his room. His punishment for disobedience was 50 licks of the crop to each cheek, and this pic captures his ass in the early stages of punishment.


This interesting pic shows a young man named Kross, being put through his disciplinary paces on a weight bench. Workout equipment, training benches etc. are wonderfully adaptable for use in spanking young guys, as they offer multiple points to which restraints may be attached – to keep a lad in position for a hard spanking.

This pic shows Kross with his hands cuffed to the swing bar of the bench, and his bare and rosy cheeks responding to the kiss of a leather slapper paddle. This implement makes a loud crack as it lands, which adds to the boy’s anxiety and discomfort. His red rump cheeks offer silent but glowing testimony to the intensity of the spanks.


It’s often interesting to see what the average workshop or garage has stored inside, that could be utilized to aid in the administering of needed discipline to a boy. Here we see Taylor, restrained in a basic fashion, to a sawhorse.

Many of us have one or two of these in the workshop, to support wood while cutting it to size. Taylor has been restrained to this sawhorse to help cut him down to size and deal with his smirky attitude.

With his hands cuffed to the lower cross brace of the horse, this leaves him nicely placed along the top, with his bare butt in a perfect position for spanking. As we can easily see, that spanking has already begun and Taylor is just starting to feel that old familiar burn on his tight round buns.


Some young guys like to be placed in restraints and to squirm against them, testing their own endurance to being in bondage. However, sometimes a lad just needs to be disciplined before he gets all tied up in his work.

Kross is shown again, this time being handspanked quite firmly. Although this closeup shows his red and sore butt, his position is maintained by cuffing his wrists to a spreader bar restraining his ankles. Just an easy spanking you say?

Well Kross didn’t think so as he was forced to stay in that cramped position for about half an hour, while he endured progressively harder slaps to his tautly spread cheeks.



Upright restraint of a lad is often accomplished with an X – shaped cross. Simple to make and very effective in keeping a boy reasonably still while his spanker takes position and applies chastisement.

Although Matt’s body hides some of the cross in this pic, we can see the upper arms of the device, holding him securely as the paddle is properly applied to his firm buns. One advantage of upright spanking is that the spanker can view both the lad’s ass and his face easily, ensuring that punishment is given to the fullest and that the boy is enduring properly.

It is said that restraining a young lad is often a good way to give a spanking. His hands and feet don’t get in the way of the implement, which might block his butt from the swats and could cause injury — a wooden paddle landing across his fingers (as he tries to block the spank) could be a serious thing. Too, the boy is able to strain against his bonds, allowing him to bear up properly under the pain of his chastisement.

All pix are courtesy of ExtremeBoyz.

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