Top Buns: Chuck’s Top 10 Pix from SpankThis

Written by Chuck, Reporter at Large

[All images in this post courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.]

There are hundreds of sizzling still images available on SpankThis, many taken directly from their red-tailed spanking productions. Indeed, so much eye candy that one could spend hours enjoyably viewing the charming ASSets of all the models.

It would be impossible to say that these are my only favourites, but I have selected 10 that are great to look at and that symbolize the epitome of a young lad taking his licks by way of discipline.

So, in no particular order, enjoy this succulent and sexy buffet of boys’ buttcakes.

twink ass at helix studios

ALLEN – a lad with fleshy and full ass cheeks, who takes hard hand and paddle swats from Jeff Sterne. He is brave but gives in to whimpers as the spanks increase in force.

*  *  *

CHASE – this model has one of the cutest bubblebutts ever videographed at SpankThis. He loves wearing a jock, and the elastic bands really highlight those round rump mounds.

*  *  *

CORY – shows us what it is like to get spanked with a flip-flop shower thong. Remember when thongs were shoes and not underwear? Cory takes his lickin pretty good for a first time model.

*  *  *

TRIO – Hallowe’en is soon here and what better way to celebrate than to spank three cute models and decorate their asses with that wonderful shade of crimson moon, and to add a festive motif to the boybutt in the centre.

*  *  *

gay porn star Jesse Starr

JESSE – as in Jesse Starr, one of Helix’s most sought-after models. [check out more Jesse spanking pix here!]…. Jesse has retired from the adult entertainment industry, but he leaves behind his own behind in several very hot spank videos. Here we see him after a serious paddling in a warehouse, where he was caught shirking his duties and punished for it. Jesse has that kind of butt that colours up very quickly and nicely.

*  *  *

MICHAEL – Michael Lee took a very rough spanking from Helix model Paul Pratt, in Paul’s kitchen. Michael was sloppy about cleaning up after a party, and Paul impressed upon the lad the importance of being responsible. Paul exercised his own responsibility on Michael’s very sore butt cheeks. Love those extreme closeups where we can easily see the welts left by the paddle.

*  *  *

NOAH – young Mr. Brooks was a first time model who experienced serious discipline while restrained to the St Andrew’s Cross. Jeff Sterne lost no time in lowering Noah’s underwear and heating up the lad’s bottom with a paddle.

*  *  *

TOMMY – Tommy Anders is another famous Helix star who has retired to pursue other interests. His work comprises some of the most viewed spank videos ever, and this pic was captured from an early production where Sterne takes the boy to task for laziness. We can see the clear evidence of the razor strop having been applied with vigour.

*  *  *

TY – another first timer in this video, and he bravely took a very hard paddling. In case you never saw the results before, a hard application of a wooden frat paddle will produce this lovely set of bruises and blisters on a lad’s tight cheeks.

*  *  *

WADE – a more recent production found Wade under the disciplinary hand of Jeff Sterne (dayaammm I am SO envious of Sterne!), showing a mixture of pain and pleasure as that hand is applied to his waiting ass.


For more tanned twink tails and punished bad boyz, perv on over to SpankThis.


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  1. mjldoc says:

    Just one comment. Blisters on the sit-spots are the only ones they’ll REALLY remember you by for the next day or two!

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