Reluctant Tye’s Talented Tush


Among the various M-M spanking sites to be found on the web, there is one known as Reluctant Young Men…..

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

Rich, who is the owner and producer of the site, has created dozens of very watchable spankings, mostly of guys who are not spanked or were never corporeally punished, but who will submit to really painful swats with assorted implements, in exchange for a modeling fee.

Such a lad is Tye, an emo-punker of sorts [check out more Tye OTK spanking pix here] who has a friendship connection with Scott, one of the spankers on RYM.

Tye has what it takes to be a spanking video model – a very cute and spankable rump.

It always amuses me to see a guy who likes to dye his hair, dress in alternate fashion and depict a punk lifestyle – since that visual image seems to speak of a tough, street-hardened punk who really deserves hard discipline, but who would not seem to be fazed by a spanking.

Well, Tye looks the part, but is really a softie at heart.

He is paddled, strapped, cropped and hand-spanked in the full video available on the RYM site, and although he does submit to the punishment, his moans and cries and whimpers during the discipline session are proof that his butt is tender and not at all accustomed to taking swats and licks from any implement.

Tye truly depicts a reluctant young man who is forced to strip nude, and to submit to painful punishment of the type he has never before experienced in his young life. His talented tush is firm and muscular, and bounces nicely as Scott applies stroke after stinging stroke of the implements.

Both over the lap and stand-up spanking are seen in this production, and should prove heart-warming for any spankophile (including yours truly) and rump-roasting for Tye himself. Betcha you’ll watch THIS one many times over!

All pix courtesy of Reluctant Young Men.

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