Ass From the Past: A Hard Discipline Classic from SpankThis


All images courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

A bad boi gets his ass tanned at Helix Studios

[Editorial Note from Dave: This scorching sizzling vid from SpankThis is from 2003, and it’s one of the harder bun blazing, yet highly erotic, SpankThis ass tanning vids I’ve seen. A potent blend of feverishly hot discipline and erotic punishment. A must-see.]

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

The classified ads in both newspapers and on the web are just chock full of interesting items, and if a boy looks hard enough, he will find what he is after.

Travis Lennox is curious about spanking, and spots an intriguing ad offering a lesson in discipline. He responds to it, is invited to drop by the SpankThis studio, and is met by Rick Black, one of the spankers when ST was located in Florida.

Rick explains the basics to Travis, and mentions that he himself has recently been disciplined, so he is in the perfect mindset to pass along the lesson.

Our boy Travis finds himself quickly told to obey all orders, including going to the weight room, stripping nude and waiting for Rick to begin the lesson. If you’ve never thought about it, a weight bench is an ideal spanking bench, allowing freedom of access and the ability to apply restraints if needed.

Travis strips, looks around sorta nervously, and as many guys will do when faced with such a situation, he holds onto his junk in a self-protective manner. Rick shows up to scold the boy for tossing his clothing in a messy heap, and Travis is quick to obey orders to pile it neatly.

Rick indulges himself in a little touch and feel exam, checking out this submissive boy’s back and booty. Travis soon ends up over Rick’s knee, asking for a spanking.

The boy wants it, and shows his desire to be disciplined and controlled, as Mr. Black quickly reddens his butt and touches those private areas that a boy likes having touched.

Travis moans and cries as the spanking and touching continue, but stays obediently in position. Rick is good at his job, and paces himself to allow both Travis and he to enjoy the experience.

The boy is told to stand up, and Rick examines his handiwork, two very rosy butt cheeks. Travis is placed into a different and more submissive posture, kneeling on the weight bench while Rick strokes his back and butt with a chunk of ice, and Travis admits to liking the sensations.

A wooden paddle is chosen to continue the lesson in discipline, and the response from Travis is unmistakably that of a boy feeling every painful lick. He stays in position though, obedient to the lesson he is learning.

Rick tells him that other implements are about to be applied, and the black holed paddle is next up. Rick applies it to maximum effect.

Travis is no longer just moaning but is yelping with the pain and intensity of being taught boy discipline.

Rick changes up again, and guides the boy over to a punching bag, hung from the ceiling grid, and used to support the spanked lad. A hand spanking follows and Travis is almost broken, yelping and crying, and showing us just how much it hurts….so good!

Rick is excellent at his work, knowing that yelps and whimpers don’t necessarily mean that the discipline lesson should end.

He allows Travis some time to catch his breath and calm down a bit, stroking the lad and comforting him before taking Travis across his knee again for the final installment of the lesson.

They say that tears are a great help in venting one’s frustration, and Travis’s tears and cries tell us that he is taking full advantage of Rick’s expertise.

The discipline ends as it began, with a hand spanking. Rick hugs the lad, showing that even a tough spanker knows how much a boy needs acceptance and care.

Travis dresses and shows off a very red and tender butt.

And thus endeth lesson one.

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  1. Chris says:

    I would like to get a spanking. I am a straight male but wants to get spanked any way I can. Getting spanked by a clothed man while I’m naked would add to the embarrassment factor. My favorite way to getting punished is with the cane or belt with a hand spanking warm up.

  2. Jimbar says:

    a very hot and good spanking and this is the way he it always should be done In this situation I love the OTK positions .I also appeciate the Red striped Ass that was Spanked

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