A Lickin’ in the Locker Room

gay male spanking art

Believe this bun-blazing art is from 1991.. But I can not make out the artist’s name.

In other editorial news, I plan to blog up my own Top 10 pix post, in response to Chuck’s Top Buns from SpankThis post.  Stay tuned for the tushy.  S4Men Senior Corrasspondent Chuck also wrote up a feature on JockButt, which will be posted soon, in addition to heaps of other red-ass editorial goodness.

Hoping to feature a Part Deux interview or similar feature with the bun blazing TJ Wood.

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2 Responses to A Lickin’ in the Locker Room

  1. chuck says:

    Sure looks like one hawt locker room and coaches office to me. How come I never had a coach like that in school??!!

  2. Alan Paul says:

    This is evidently a different artist than you usually post. Too bad you can'[y read his name! It’s a good drawing…

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