Bad Boi Blake & His Blazed Buns

All images courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

[editorial note: This twink tanning Spankthis vid is from a year or so ago, and is available for immediate viewing in the site’s voluminous archive of red ass.]

When we guys perv over to SpankThis, we are usually seeking to enjoy the viewing of a cute young twink boy who takes hard licks and sustains punishment from an older guy, an authority figure like Jeff Sterne or TJ Wood.

This production shows us something different, a discipline scene between two boyfriends. Michael Lee, with that cute face and Southern accent, decides he needs to teach a hard and painful lesson to Blake, who is lazy about his physical fitness regime.

[Check out a few more pix of Blake here!]

Michael strides into the workout room to find Blake fooling around on his cellphone, instead of working out on the weight bench. Michael wastes no time in scolding Blake and punishing his laziness. With a quick move he grabs Blake’s feet and lifts them high over the boy’s head, tightening up those grey workout shorts and presenting a cute, taut butt for spanking.

Blake doesn’t really resist, knowing that he deserves a hot red ass for slacking off. The workout bench is a perfect spanking appliance, and Blake hangs onto a padded bar as Michael hammers his asscheeks with a hard hand spanking. Blake’s upper thighs and buttocks are exposed and soon take on that familiar red glow of a spanked boybutt.

Pretty soon, he is up on his knees, bending over the bench with his shorts tugged down below his cute buns, and the spanks are poured on hard and fast. Michael is a young twink himself, but obviously no stranger to giving out a spanking. This bad boi’s groans, grunts and yips of pain prove that although these boys are close buddies, these ain’t no love taps that Michael is applying.

His hand being a bit tired of laying on spanks, Michael switches to a convenient multi-tailed (and multicoloured) flogger that just happens to be handy. Blake manfullly takes hard licks of the flogger, and his lower back and ass begin to show the results of this hard punishment session.

He is rapidly becoming a well-chastised twink, and his cute firm ass sustains lots of smacks. Michael takes the boy over his knee for some hand spanks and the flogger as well.

Alternating between the implement and his hand, Michael makes certain that those nice round rump cakes of his buddy are bouncing under the spanks and glowing with that familiar shade of spanked-boy red.

As the spanking draws to a close, Michael orders his buddy to kneel and grab the weight bar, and count out his final lashes. Ten stinging strokes of the flogger are laid on, as Blake counts them out in a breathless and pained voice.

After one more stroke for good luck, Michael is finished administering discipline, and Blake collapses in pain and exhaustion on the bench.

Twink on twink spanking action never was hotter than this one!

For more info, perv on over to SpankThis.

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