Spankable Male Ass Spotlight:

All images in this post courtesy of JockButt.

Tight male ass in a jockstrap

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

In my Top Ten review of SpankThis videos, I did mention that I love seeing butts and jockstraps.

And to me, there is nothing finer that a well-built guy with tight, firm, well-rounded and full-figured buttocks (ahhh dem glutes, yeah!), supported and framed by an athletic supporter.

Mens’ asses just look better in a jock, whether being spanked or just exercised and shown off. So here is a site that you may want to add to your personal fav list: JockButt.

male gay ass in tight jockstraps

No, you will not see twinks here, at least not the teenyboy type of model. The men whose round rump cheeks grace the JockButt pages are in their mid-twenties upwards, and all are gifted with great asses and gorgeous physiques.

They work hard at working out, and the photgraphy and videography are first class here: serious collectors items are what I am talkin’ about.

So let’s lead off with Todd [pictured below.]

gay male jockstrap at jockbutt

As with all Jockbutt models, I will pick a few representative still shots, and you energizer bunny butt lovers can perv overĀ  to the site itself for a membership to see all the glorious pics.

And wouldn’t I love to capture this lad and deal with those prime assets of his!

A quick jockstrap history lesson: horse racing jockeys were the first to adopt this elastic athletic supporter, to protect and support their junk as the horse under them pounded down the track, causing those diminutive lads to bounce up and down.

Without some support, a man’s stuff would be badly beaten up and serious injury could result. The rest was simple, and this ubiquitous piece of sporting undergarment was named for its users.

Sportsmen all over the world found that wearing a jock gave them support, a feeling of security, and a heightened sense of their manhood. After all, their jewels needed extra protection and they could feel the tightness of the mesh cup and the under-butt elastic tension bands, and that gave the wearers that special manly feeling.

Boys reaching puberty were often rewarded with an appropriately sized jockstrap, as they started the fall term in secondary school. In some parts, it was a given that a boy was already well on his way to manhood, because his junk needed to be kept in a jock during gym class or on the playing field.

Well Todd and his fellow models surely need that support, if their fine-tuned glutes are any indication of the rest of their manly charms.

Speaking of his fellows, here’s a peek at Antonio [pictured below] who sports a modern variation on the jockstrap, a thong supporter.

Both guys and gals have taken to wearing thongs, which are simply a pouch in front to cover and support, and a thin strip of material that rides between the cheeks to join the waistband. Long ago, they made jocks similar to this, and they were called swimmer jocks, since there were no under-the-butt bands to peek out of the bathing suit and embarrass the wearer.

These days, very few guys wear anything under their swimsuits – and showing what you got is more acceptable. Being spanked in a thong would produce some very special sensations ‘down under’, as the in-the-crack thong strap would tighten as spanks were given and the wearer moved around. Ah well no spanking shots here, but plenty of beautifully bounteous buns.

African-American men are noted for big, high-rumped ass mounds, and Sinjyn does not disappoint [pictured below…]

gay male ass at jockbutt

This ebony hunk is into leather as well as jocks, and we see him in his chaps, harness and a bold blue jock that contrasts very nicely with his oiled and toned dark body.

If a big tight booty could get you into heaven, Sinjyn would be one of the angels keeping watch. He looks very comfortable in his chosen dress mode, and viewing a great specimen of hard workouts and good body care is always a treat. I hope you guys are getting motivated to check these men out and to get on that workout regimen to tone and tighten up your own glutes.

Since I am mindful of the sensitivities of viewers and do not wish to create sensory overload, eyestrain and wrist cramp, I will close off this first peek at Jockbutts with Tomas. [pictured below.]

gay male jockstrap website

This Euro lad is typical of many men who tone their bodies, from the appearance of his whole physique, not just those ample hindquarters. Tomas uses exercise to trim the fat but is nicely proportioned without too many hard muscle ridges.

His butt is his glory (so far as I am concerned!) with that fullness of rump and thigh musculature (okay, glutes and quads for you purists). Guys with big thighs always have well-turned buttocks, just a correlation of human physiology.

If there are sufficient requests, I can provide a little Uncle Chuck’s Fitness Lesson, and share some tips from bodybuilders as to how you can tighten and firm your own twin mounds back there. See ya later!

Visit JockButt for more….

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    Getting spanked in only a Jockmore likely is a unique experience andI see the value in the same One is Naked except for wearing the Jock It would seem to me that the Jock would keep everything in it’s place and would lesson the degree of anything happening that would put the spankee at risk .It also would provide a great target to get spanked Ones Hide .I like the Method and would like to see it illustrated and used .In addition therecwould need to be some discussion about in order that all could become familiar with it .Sometimes we like what we do and don’t want to change our methods and or techquies.I believe we should be open to new and different things

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