Spanking Art Spotlight: The Red Ass Art of Turquine

male spanking artwork

All images courtesy of the artist known as Turquine.

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

Male/Male spanking comes in many flavours, as this blog demonstrates. All kinds of adult boys, big, small, full-boned, skinny, twink, jock and just plain guy next door types, are to be seen here and in the many sites from which these images originate.

Another type of ‘boy’ is the virtual one whose image is created in computer software, not in a photograph. The art and science (mostly the art) of image composition has emerged as a viable form of visual presentation, and few artists are exploring its depths in the spanking realm, as expertly as Turquine.

gay spanking art

His site is his repository of imagery that is sure to please the eye of any spanko. Turquine describes his art and preferences as those relating to young athletic men, more jockish in appearance than twinkish, taking hard corporal punishment from other male authority figures.

To quote the artist himself, “dedicated to masculinity, hierarchy, patriarchy, and traditional corporal punishment on the buttocks of adult males, whether as true punishment (judicial, institutional, military or domestic); religious penance, initiation, sex, humour or horseplay.”

WHEW! That pretty much covers any situation where a guy is getting an ass whipping!

This is as much a slice of real life as it is fantasy.  Although North American institutions have largely discontinued the use of spanking in any form as a means of correcting and motivating athletes in training, some Asian countries appear to still use the cane on bare backs and buttocks.

Turquine’s very well-developed art pieces show us how young males look in traditional poses, being spanked to punish misdeeds, to correct behaviours and to encourage and motivate improved performance.

From bad lads being strapped by father figures, to jocks being dealt with by coaches and trainers, Turquine seems to have cornered the Internet on successful and very realistic use of computer-assisted image generation artistry.

Visit his blog and enjoy the scenery!

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