Collin’s Red Ass Tushy Treatment

All images courtesy of Reluctant Young Men.

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Correspondent

Earning a little extra cash to cover expenses is tough these days.

What’s a young guy to do when he has living expenses, a car, a girlfriend or boyfriend and all those other necessities of life.

Well, here on the east coast, a very enterprising gentleman named Richard set up a spanking production studio, Reluctant Young Men, with a unique proposition — guys who wanted some bucks could apply to be spanked on camera.

Many of the amateur models Richard has worked with over the last few years of his successful run, were never spanked even once in their real lives — but they quickly learn what it is like to take a butt-burning, blistering hot spanking from an expert.

None of them seem to be spankos, and that lends further credence to their being reluctant to submit to chastisement. The money is the deciding factor, but even so they flail around, whimper, yelp and cry as though they were unruly younger boys being soundly disciplined.

Perhaps that is what they need.

So, here we have a current release from RYM studios: Collin. Collin is a regular guy, who arrived at Rich’s place with his girlfriend (whom we don’t see but who is off camera watching the action), a fine toned body, and an attitude that seemed to be somewhat amused and skeptical.

Apparently he had not been spanked before. That would definitely change in the next short while.

Rich takes Collin over his knee in a very traditional pose, leading him there by the ear–just like a bad boy would have been dealt with back in the day. Rich has a strong enough hand that Collin is feeling the sting after just a few hard slaps.

No indication comes from Collin that he is getting the message about discipline, so up he gets from the OTK position, and down come the jeans.

A wooden ruler, always a handy device found in almost any home, is employed over the seat of his boxer briefs. Now we begin to see a little wincing and some response from a young man taking what will be a hard spanking………..he just doesn’t know it yet.

Rich decides that more intensity is needed, so down come the shorts, to reveal a well-muscled and fully fleshed out butt. The ruler begins its special task of reducing those cheeks and their owner to a less haughty state of mind (and butt flesh).

Rich spanks on Reluctant Young Men

Rich doesn’t forget that a hand spanking on a bare ass will bring results too, and Collin feels that skin-2-skin contact as well as the wood of the ruler.

Soon, this reluctant young man is bidden to stand and fully remove his shorts, giving us a nice view of his well-built body. I wonder how his girlfriend is taking all this. Mind you, it seems that he shaves his pubes, probably to please her, so one might guess that she is enjoying the growing redness of his butt as well.

Down Collin goes for more tushy treatment from Rich, and the growing redness of his tight ass is mirrored by the increasing squirming and verbalization of that familiar sting and burn.

Rich is a master spanker, well-versed in laying on swats with many different implements. Although the ruler doesn’t look very imposing or threatening, just ask Collin about that — his butt is actually beginning to show bruises where the ruler has measured his rump cheeks and delivered a spanking solution!

There goes one more Reluctant Young Man with a fistful of dollars, and a butt full of welts, redness and purplish areas after a sound spanking. Go Richard!

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One Response to Collin’s Red Ass Tushy Treatment

  1. Jimbar says:

    Great clips and narrative.I’ll Loved the use of the ruler and also the hand spankingYou sure showed him what a spanking should be I believe the OTK was classic but believe that the clothes could have come off sooner .I believe that Rich is a master spanker and if one is going to be spanked it should be done by the best Based on what saw and read I don’t believe that he was getting the message but sure when you were finished it was a different story .Having his girl friend observe all of this is something else In my view telling some one about this situation and them observing are two different things In most situations when Spanking is going to occur I believe it should be private however in this case it appeared to be his choice so perhaps the embarrassment wasn’t too much

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