SpankThis Spotlight: Christian Spanks Jasper

All images courtesy of Helix Studio’s SpankThis.

An errant, wayward stockroom employee painfully learns the error of his ways. . . Christian Collins’ theatrical performance as a stern scolder and spanker in this SpankThis film is especially outstanding.

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

All of us spankos have been eagerly awaiting the next roast rump production from SpankThis — and it just arrived a few days ago in full red-assed colour and hot spanko sound.

Playing on the acting abilities of Christian Collins and Jasper Robinson, this vid treats us to the visualization of a supervisor in the shipping room of an adult entertainment producer (shot on location at the SpankThis offices and studios), scolding and punishing a lazy, errant stock boy.

Christian does nicely at taking the dominating role as a supervisor, and if we didn’t know that this scene was expertly staged for the camera, it could be a slice of real life.

Jasper, the slow and careless stockroom boy, gets in trouble for not being diligent in arranging the storage shelves, and for just having a general “whatever” kind of attitude. We all know some boys who are like that, and they deserve a flurry of hard licks across their bare buns, to smarten them up.

Smarting is the operative word here, as Christian berates Jasper for his non-performance, and starts to hand spank the seat of his jeans. Jasper is a submissive boy, and bends over grabbing a shelf as Christian wales on his ass to the grunts and groans of this naughty young lad.

The jeans come down and a pair of cute blue patterned undershorts are seen. Christian quickly gives Jasper a wedgie, and starts to warm up the hapless stockroom boy’s bare cheeks.

I am very impressed by the acting ability shown by Christian – he is able to project realism in his role and perhaps he is headed that way professionally. He sure gets my vote as both a spanker and an actor!

Jasper’s jeans come off to allow for better positioning, and Christian has the boy take a sub posture on the floor, hands and knees with ass upturned.

More hard spanks land, continuing the ever-increasing redness of the lad’s tight tush. The scolding continues and it is clear to see that Jasper is not only submitting to punishment, but liking the attention as well.

The leather slapper is brought out, and from Jasper’s facial expressions, he is surely feeling the increased sting. Talk about making him smart! Christian increases the tempo and intensity, as those cute glutes turn red. Even the crack of Jasper’s ass gets the leather treatment.

After a good spanking, Jasper is now totally subjugated into providing oral service to his boss, Christian. This continues in a punitive rather than sexy fashion, and Christian pulls the boy upright after a few moments and continues to spank and scold. Those buns are blazing and must certainly be painful. Eventually, Jasper is required to accept further domination – both orally and finally with a facial.

The scene closes with the well-spanked Jasper on his hands and knees, tidying up the stock shelves. Christian proves himself as a very credible Top in more ways than one. This is one SpankThis video that is not to miss in its entirety – so perv on over and enjoy!

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