Exclusive: Chuck Interviews Franco!

Interview by Chuck, Spanking4Men Chief Correspondent

Primo M/M spanking artist Franco has graced the internet on many sites with his incredibly arousing images, and his illos have provided viewing and erotic pleasure for countless guys like yours truly, who are devotees of Male/Male spanking. He has been interviewed before, but has very kindly offered his responses to my questions.

spanking art by franco

Is Franco part of your actual name or a pseudo you chose?

The name Franco sort of evolved from when I was in school (college) and a girl I knew gave me that nick name. To her, I looked like a foot ball player and she went with that. At that young age, I did look like a jock, even though I wasn’t one…So it sort of stuck.

At that time, I was already drawing spanking art but I was not sharing it with anyone, so I had not even thought of signing it, or even using the “Franco” name. In those days what I sketched was to jack off with, and nothing more. It was my secret.

I began using Franco on my drawings in the very late 80’s when I submitted art work to Stroke Magazine and Man’s Hand. Those were pre computer days, so everything was originals or copies of originals. Copies were all black and white.

Going on line was something I began to do in 1999. As I said spanking images, and homoerotic art was my personal/ private masturbation vehicle. This was my personal porn and it worked better for me than what I could buy…usually. At the behest of a friend who thought my work was good enough, I placed some of my art on line starting with some news groups.

When was it as a young person that you discovered your affinity and interest for Male/Male spanking?

Actually as a little boy, and this could be as early as six years of age, I was fascinated with spanking. No male/male classification at that time, for I was fascinated in MY bottom being spanked.

M/M spanking art by Franco

Without going into too much history, I received spankings as a kid for few years that really turned me on. Kids can develop fascinations, eroticism, but not on an adult level. Mine was spanking, which created a mix of sensations and emotions that drew me and made me aware of how and why I was spanked.

I mean I figured out that this was not real, punishment, merely a lengthy ritual with the appearance of duty. I started to notice boys (sexually) during the 7th grade. Especially Bottoms and legs.

Was this also about the time that your talent for creating artwork came to be?

Pretty close. With those boyhood spankings behind me, I was playing round trying to draw spankings. I was going into puberty, and things got sexualized. I started to notice men in the underwear section of the Sears or Penny’s catalogs, so I started to trace them.

That included tracing super hero comics. I was taken with the muscular male form in all of it’s glory curves, and bulges. But what I wanted to see most was butts.

I found an illustration of The Old Woman In The Shoe, and it was (as I remember it) a very realistic depiction of a an old maid spanking a boy bare bottom OTK. For some reason that drawing spoke to me.

I tore it out of the book and traced it, and traced it drawing it over and over…till I got a feel for the proportions. It was from mastering that image, that other drawings emerged. At that point all I was drawing was what we would call F/M Images. It was not till I was older that I started to draw things like spanking machines, and men spanking men.

Were the two things (spanking and artistic talent) part of each other right away or did that develop later?

Spanking came first, then the drawing, and the drawing continued for a great while.

You draw your young men after a certain style – muscular, full round buttocks, well developed thighs, generous packages, etc…..is this a self-portrait of a type, or are these representative of the ‘buddies’ you had in school, or………… ???

Oh Gosh…Some are “my” traits. Some are what I admire in the male form, and in some way, is depicting those I could not have in a real life situation. While a guy I drew might not be a depiction of a particular individual, he was a fantasy character.

As I got older and became an adult, art, imitated life and I enjoyed being on the receiving end (so to speak).

Now, it’s more art that life…if you catch my drift. But really, when you think of a muscular man…if he is well developed up top…isn’t it a let down when he has legs like a piano? (LOL) Good pillars support a great ass.

In another interview given a while back to the publishers of the JockSpank blog, you mentioned that you were not a typical supporter of the “FemDom” lifestyle – yet you do feature many illustrations of older women spanking young males. How do you differentiate your art from the FemDom fetish?

Good question, I hope I can answer it with less than 3 million words and a couple of days. First regarding my images, I have this thing about depicting “odd pairings” in spanking.

I like the contrast of having a young well built man, matched with a much older top, same with the matrons in my F/M spankings. I find a delicious sense of embarrassment when the young guy is paired with a spank happy old, jaded matron

It is difficult to break F/M spanking imagery apart from Fem Dom BDSM. Usually to some degree and some way it is integrated into and under the Fem Dom heading. Typical depictions of the domina is usually more of the sex vixen, aka Kelly Bundy with a whip.

BDSM is fine, but my focus is domestic style discipline. Spanking. Bottoms up, OTK, glorious spanking. That is my primary differentiation. My interpretation of the female disciplinarian is my further differentiation.

The sexual reaction inferred in the sometimes wide eyes of my “males” is yet another. Sometimes we boys can get off when we get spanked. What better time that wedged up over the knee of a spank happy old matron.

Have you ever used models to pose in position as a means of creating art or are your illustrations totally within your mind’s eye when you begin to commit them to paper?

No, but I have used “tear sheets,” or images that I’ve taken and used, morphed etc etc…If I had a live model, I probably would not get any drawing done….

Have you ever sketched out an illustration and then scrapped it because it was not turning out to your liking?

All the time…If it doesn’t tickle me inside…I drop it.

When you are not drawing or researching material for the next piece of artwork, what do you do for relaxation and diversion?

Besides masturbation? LOL, I love music and I love to work out, hiking and riding my bike…not motorcycle, bike. I also enjoy aquariums. It is a wonderful hobby.

Franco, thank you most sincerely for your time, and especially for your art. I know that I speak for many viewers and surfers of the net when I say that your imagery has fueled countless hours of pleasure and fantasy.

Thanks again,


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  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for that great interview with FRANCO. He indeed is one of the best. We hope to see more of his fine work and soon!!

  2. Chuck says:

    Thank YOU, Greg. It was a pleasure to chat with Franco. He is not only a wondrously creative individual, but a very nice guy to talk with as well.

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