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On the editorial front, I’m excited to say we here at Spanking4Men HQ have an exclusive interview with Helix Studios’ SpankThis star Chris Collins in the works, in addition to a special guest column from the iron-handed TJ Wood. Stay tuned.

In other news, I was just watching, yet again, this awesome ass-blazing punishment film: A screen-shot from one of my favest Tropixxx videos, featuring a deliciously strict Uncle, and an extremely bad boi.  Love how his seasoned and skilled hard-spanking hand lingers on the wayward brat’s ass for a moment, after each crisp and perfect swat, as if measuring the heat, gauging the temperature, as he scolds, spanks and lights a firm fanny on fire.  Too bad he didn’t get the hairbrush though!  Or belt, for that matter.  Anyway, this video is a must-see.

An Uncle spanks on Tropixxx

Visit Tropixxx to watch the complete video.

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