Misbehavior Has Its Price: And a Bad Boi Pays with his Ass

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer, Dept. of Hot Bunz

Taking a merry little trip through the archives of ReluctantYoungMen, I spotted this particular video of a young lad who is under the Domination of a lady. She knows Rich, and brought this young man named Eco along for real discipline.

What we see here is not faked, and none of Rich’s material is the least bit faked anyway. RYM is real spankings, real guys, real blistered asses.

Eco has been a bad sub boi, and his Mistress decided to have him dealt with by Scott, an experienced spanker often seen in these productions. Scott wastes no time in taking Eco over his lap and laying some hard hand spanks on the boi’s jean-clad butt.

At first, Eco is grinning and chuckling, and acting smart-mouthed. That is soon put to an end, as his off-camera Mistress scolds him and Scott has the lad undress to his shorts.

Those come down quickly and Scott berates the lad while delivering a blistering volley of spanks to his bare ass. Eco feels those and is soon howling and squirming with the pain. The boi makes a lot of noise, but then we expect that from a sub lad who has never been disciplined in his life.

Scott switches to a short strap and punishes Eco’s trim buttcheeks while hugging the lad to communicate that his chastening is not out of hate. The boi is allowed a few moments to rest and then the dreaded metal paddle with holes is introduced to this twink’s already reddened glutes.

Eco has no shame about hollering at the top of his lungs, as the spanks are applied. He is already near tears and is sobbing, and this is only part one of three very hot RYM videos. Scott uses the boi’s undershorts to gag his mouth in an attempt to teach the lad some dignity and composure during his spanking, but to no avail.

That metal ruler really bites into the young man’s butt, leaving burning blistered cheeks in its wake. Scott dumps the lad from his lap and allows Eco a few moments of sobbing before continuing this long overdue punishment.

Heavy metal is the term that can be used here, as a metal ruler is the next implement chosen to painfully punish this disobedient twink sub.

I would guess than many of us spankos have seen or perhaps know of a boi like Eco, who has a smart mouth, rude attitude and who desperately deserves a good, hard, blistering butt beating.

Scott has the young lad by his bushy hair, holding him upright and in position for stinging swats of the ruler. He turns the boi around frequently, showing us the progressively increasing redness of this well-spanked lad.

Tears, wails, screams, choking, sobbing are the vocal accompaniment to this odyssey of spank licks. Scott makes the lad stand with hands behind his neck, and introduces a short metallized crop. We can see the blistered areas beginning to expand on this unhappy boi’s butt – and he is certainly takes the award for the loudest spanked twink in my experience!

Although all spankings on RYM are totally consensual, meaning that Eco knew what he was in for and did not use a safeword or other means of stopping the spanking, he is still enduring a very serious punishment. His lifestyle as a submissive boi to a Domme is part of his being, and this experience of being spanked and trained by a man, is new for him.

Hopefully he will learn the lesson being taught to his twink ass, and improve his attitude toward his Domme.

The final part of this vid opens with Eco on his hands and knees doggy style, being flogged with a heavy leather riding crop. Eco has rested for a few moments, but is soon howling anew, and each lash of the crop brings fresh wails and tears from this severely punished boi.

A short length of leather harness is brought out and just a few lashes evokes a temper tantrum from this bad boi. He is having a tough time learning to obey. Even though he is in lots of pain, his basic submissiveness comes through and he returns to his position for more lashes.

Eco is feisty and still shows off his mouthy attitude. The video comes to a close as Eco crawls over toward his Mistress to beg forgiveness. Perhaps we may see future disciplinary treatment of this unique young lad.

To enjoy this one to the fullest, I suggest you click your pervy mouse on ReluctantYoungMen and sign up. A trip through the archived updates will quickly reward you with spanking pleasure no end.

Official waiver here – this blog and its editors and contributors are NOT responsible for sore wrists, chafed palms and irritated members! LOL!! Watch these RYM vids at your own discretion. Stay tuned for more reviews from this site for your disciplinary delectation.

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One Response to Misbehavior Has Its Price: And a Bad Boi Pays with his Ass

  1. Jimbar says:

    To me the clips shown about this Bad boy getting his Ass Tanned and Roasted tells it all .It’s a classic from the beginning to the end and goes through many aspects of what a good Licklin -whipping is and nothing appeaersto be left out .The result is also very postive as it shows this bad boy not only with a very sore and Red Hiney but one he will remember for a long time.It was noted that this young man was never disciplined before he now knows what it is like and more likely won’t be returning any time soon for a repeat performance .To me this had to be a learning experience not to be forgotten .Great work and narration Let’s have more of the same

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