Exclusive! An Interview with Helix Star Christian Collins


gay porn star Christian Collins spanks a twink

We are stoked to present an exclusive interview with Christian Collins: a current fave and well-received young model featured on Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

Interview by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men! You mentioned in your “First Time” video that you used to be a busy guy with church group attendance, school, etc. Did you grow up in a household that utilized spanking as a disciplinary function?

My mom was a physical disciplinarian. She would use belts, paddles, wooden spoons, sticks, whatever she could pick up first I guess, lol.

She was really into public embarrassment. She would lay into my ass in front of all of my friends. She thought she was embarrassing me and that I would learn from it, but I would joke about it and annoy her the entire spanking. And that may be where my cocky attitude comes from during my spank scenes 🙂

Christian Collins gets spanked

Christian’s perfect and smooth boi butt gets a painful taste of Jeff Stern’s strap at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

How did you approach your first spanking video for Spank This……was there a lot of discussion as to how the scene would progress, or was it more of just winging it and seeing how much you could handle?

When they asked me if I wanted to do it, I laughed. I had never had a stranger request. But then I considered it, watched some of the past performances on SpankThis and decided it could be fun. And what do you know, it was. Lots of fun.

You’re very well spoken and have an authoritative manner. Are you more of a Top ‘socially’ – someone who leads the pack?

Why Thank you! 😉 I am. I wouldn’t say I have an aggressive personality, but I would say that I can be demanding.

Gay porn star Christian Collins spanks another twink

You’ve done several spanking-oriented vids for SpankThis – for example, there’s one where you took a pretty hefty butt burner, and the more recent one where you spanked Jasper Robinson. I reviewed this recent one for the blog, and my first thoughts were that you were either a natural actor or that you had some professional stage training. Can you comment on that?

I did about 40 push-ups before the scene and stood in the stock room for about 10 minutes looking around, thinking of all the awesome reasons I could lay into Jasper’s ass.  I don’t have any professional experience, but all through high school I was involved in debate.

I started a debate class in a small school I was at for a while, and joined a speech competition that I placed second in I’m glad it was received so well! It was my first spank, so I wanted it to be amazing. 🙂

You totally took control of the scene and of Jasper. Was he aware of how this would play out, or was this a total surprise for him?

He’s done a scene with Mr. Stern, so I think he knew what to expect. But I did warn him, I wouldn’t play nice. He was amazing at receiving both the punishment and the dick.

jeff sterne and christian collins at helix studios

Now that you’ve Topped other models in many twink sex vids and Jasper in a hot spanking vid, are you planning to continue to Top?

Of course! I’ve done a couple of bottoming scenes, but I’m a natural Top.

What is your off-screen life like……….partner/boyfriend, and how does he relate to your performance as a model?

I have an awesome boyfriend:) He’s also a top, but we compensate, and invite other cute little twinks over to be on our receiving end He does a lot of promotional work in Columbus for the largest gay nightlife network here. So our lifestyles mesh perfectly. 🙂

What does Christian do for fun and relaxation, when not modeling?

Most of the time I’m out at a show, having drinks to karaoke, camming on Cam4 (My user handle is therealchris), love Rupauls DragRace and spending lots of time with my man. 🙂

With this obvious gift of your commanding presence and easily assumed authority, do you have aspirations to other pursuits aside from modeling?

I have the potential to move around in this industry, I plan to do so. Though it may not always be modeling, I’ll be performing so as long as you’re getting off.

Christian, please share with the readers one thing that you absolutely love about being a gay porn model?

The places I’ve been able to go, the people I’ve met. It’s just been so much fun! I’m so glad I’ve gotten an opportunity to be a part of it all.

And one thing that you don’t like about modeling?

Flying. Flying. Flying.

If you had your pick of models to spank, who would your fave spankee be?

I would love to spank Chase Young or maybe Jessie Montgomery. Mmmm, dat ass. 🙂

And thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Spanking4Men.  As we can plainly see, Christian is a hot young guy who is comfortable in front of the camera, is an attention-getter with his dynamic performance, and is bound to be a fave with the audience.

I thank Christian for taking the time to chat with me – and now I gotta hurry up and perv over to SpankThis and watch him dominate Jasper again (and again and…….etc.) 🙂


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