Ricky’s Reddening, Part Deux

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Doing a quick retrospect, Ricky is one of those straight boys who appear on ReluctantYoungMen, seeking to earn some extra cash by offering their asses for spankings.

Rich, the spanker and producer at RYM is a tough disciplinarian, and in part one, we saw Ricky start off as a smirking young guy who thought that he could handle anything dished out.

Turns out he never anticipated how hard Rich would spank his tight, muscled buns. Part one ends with a well-spanked and red butt, which we clearly see as Ricky is sent to the corner to show off his crimson moon and to contemplate his spanking.

As part deux opens, Rich summons Ricky from the corner back over his knee for the rest of his chastisement. Again, Ricky tries to brave it out and keep from showing how much his ass is in pain. He takes his position OTK, and clenches his fists as he presses them hard against the floor to balance and to help steel himself against the onslaught of Rich’s meaty hand.

It doesn’t take many more spanks with a hairbrush to rekindle the fire in Ricky’s rump, and……what is that we hear? Sobs and heavy breathing – looks like our boy Ricky is really feeling the burn in that backside of his. He tries several times to squirm and get up, but Rich keeps the lad in position.

The camera shifts to a full view of the boy’s hot and red rump, and we can see the full effect of a well-applied hairbrush – lots of bruises and some blistering. If there was ever any doubt about how hurtful a hairbrush spanking can be, this video clearly shows an adult boy reduced to sobs with that time-honoured spanking implement.

¬†We are treated to a painful lesson in basic disciplinary mathematics, as Ricky is told to take the last 25 swats and to count them out loud with thank-you-sir after each. The lad is in tears and sobs several times, as he experiences one of the toughest punishments he’s ever endured.

We see that Ricky has been totally reduced from a smirking young man to a very repentant young man, in serious pain from a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush, and wiping away tears as Rich again points him to the corner, and has him turn around to display those reddened and sore rump mounds.

Recently, there was discussion by an ex-cop who wrote a book which extolled the virtues of using corporal punishment for young men, rather than jail time.

This spanking would certainly deliver needed discipline to most guys in their 20’s, and Ricky shows us that even big boys do cry.

Catch both parts one and two at ReluctantYoungMen. Tell Rich I sent you!

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