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men spanking men from Tropixxx

When sorry is just not good enough. An all-time classic image from Tropixxx.  Caught smoking, a bad boi gets his tail lit up, good ‘n hot, via his Uncle’s ass stinging old-fashioned hairbrush.  Might not a dose of a well-worn leather belt been in order as well ? 🙂

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6 Responses to Tropixxx Pic of the Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bad boys need to learn there lessons the hard way and there’s no better way than a good tanning of one hide to show them what happens to bad boysIn my view the Hair brush certainly has it’s value but if I had a choice it would be a LeathervStrap @Paddle as believe these instruments send a very definite message I believe in strong disclipine and like it to be once and done .It’s my belief that if one gets it good the first time perhaps the chances of a repeat performance is not as great .This why I prefer the Strap @paddle .I also believe that in some situations for first timers the punishment can begin with a good hand Spanking where hand marks are clearly seen on one hideIn most situations where this was to occur it would be followed up by a good Tanning whetherbit be The Strap and Paddle pr in somevcases both.The norm in these situations of course would be Bare Ass without question or discussion

  2. Anonymous says:

    In my view this Bad Boy gets a little of what he has coming In addition to the Hair Brush a dose of The Leather Strap would definitely be a good way to end this session .Perhaps the fact he got his hide tanned and roasted will make a difference in the future If he doesnt learn after this there always can be a second time around .It’s my belief if he dares to mis behave again that his punishment must be more servere.At that point aAll out sanction would need to occur which should include ThePaddle and the Razor Strap .It’s my belief that this type of punishment would be servere enough that wouldn’t be a third time around .Sometimes the message doesn’t get through the first or even the second time but the third time if that’s. Necessary nothing should be left to chance To me that means a good hard Ass whipping where nothing is left to chance It would serve as a Final notice that all mis behavior wouldn’t be tolerated and would be dealt without discussion or Any Mercy

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my mine sorrow is never enough when one disobeys there is only one way to deal with this kind of Behavior and that would be a spanking Livklin and or good Ass whipping not necessarily in that order .I believe the crime needs to fit the action that needs to be taken By this i mean there needs to be assessment on what happened and basedon that then the sanction can be determined .When dealing with these situations it important that some dialogue occur but the time for lectures is over .One needs to emphasis that it is action time .All punishment needs to be for most part in the here and now .However this doesn’t mean there can’t be a time for reflection and preparation this too is essential but delaying it isntba good idea .The atmoshere and the setting where the punishment is to be given is also vital It’s my view that all Spanking punishment be given in private this protects the dignity of person being punished .One needs to follow some norms when issuing punishment .OTk spanking may be the choice of many Athough it has it value I prefer a couch or Bed.Some spankers also prefer to begin s spanking with what is called a hand spanking this is optional in my mind .However what isnt optional is what happens to the clothes that a spankee is wearing in my view all spanking needs to be Bare Ass how this occurs is not important but it’s essential without doubt that everything be removed In my view would think it’s better to start a spanking with the spankee completely in the RawIrealize this might not be a valued opinionTherefore this where the choice of spanker comes in it also depends on othervthings such as the age of spankee-the offense that was committed Etc I heard it said in many different places that a spanking isntba spanking if it isn’t on the Bare Bottom and I tend to agree with that statementb

  4. Anonymous says:

    In my view saying your sorrow after the fact is not good enough .One must learn and sometimes it’s the hard way which in essense means a Spanking ( Licklin ) and or a whipping and sometimes a combination of all In my mind there should be a definite beginning and this should lead to the end eventually I don’t believe generally inOTK .I prefer aSpanking Bench where one lays it all over .A bed or Couch could also be useful .I believe the position one assumes is the key to a effective sanction .In addition the instruments used to give they punishment are very important part of the processIn my view I prefer the Paddle and or The Strap.Depending on what the situation is for repeat peformancesI like the Razor Strap because this instrument is awesome and sends a definite message I totally agree the time for talking is over.I believe what ever dialogue occurs basically is to tell the spankeewhatbhe needs to do.In all situation of punishment the norm is for it to be Bare Ass without question and or discussion .The question often asked is how does a Spanking (Licklin ) whipping get started in regard to clothes and what gets removed when as it applies to clothing My preference is for the Spankee to be Naked as it is a Bare Ass whipping .However I understand that this is isn’t always the best way to approach the situation and that alright with me.In my view the atmoshere provided when a corporal punishment is going to take is as important as the actual punishment itself With that said it would be my view that all punishment would start with few clothes as possible My preference in these situations
    would be Gym shorts –Jockey or Boxers But this is clear No spanking for any reason should start over any clothes.It’s pretty clear everything is either offer coming off


  5. Alan Paul says:

    I think the hairbrush should do it. Esp0ecially if it’s flat on the business side and not rounded – it’s more like a paddle that way. Feeling that on ther young man’s behind should make him pay attention! If it doesn’t work, use the strap!

  6. Anonymous says:

    In regard to saying he is sorrow after the fact just won’t due it .It’s my view that a clear type of correction needs to take place without whether discussion and it’s needs to happen in the here and now .This young man must learn to pay attention It’s time for all the talking to be over .Thevaction needs to take place and now . Iam not a big fan of the Hairbrush however Iam a big believer of The Strap and that is what needs to be used and now.I would thick due to the nature of this situation that it may take more than one session with the strap so would plan on at least two sessions even three may be necessaryIn this situation OTK is out of the question and not advisable under any circumstances In using the Strap this young man should be laying it all out either on a couch -Bed But I would prefer a spanking bench and or a horse both would forfill the need nicely.The general idea is to use the Strap so he doesn’t forget it He of course would need to be Naked throughout this process that goes pretty much without saying In sense of Justice if more than one session of physical correction is necessary there would need to be some time lines established between each session in addition it would be good to have a time of duration .I would think Fifteen to thirty mins would be time enough .We need tomremember that Coporal Punishment isn’t ment to be torture but it’s meant to serve as learning experience .That being said we need to remember that all physical punishments should have limits Aston provide safety for all concerned

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