Daddy Howard: The Spanking4Men Interview

Interview by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Among the studios that create and produce Male/Male spanking videos, there is one which has been around since before the Internet became the de facto method of communication. The owner, founder and producer at that enterprise is Howard Hyatt, better known to his spankees and customers as Daddy Howard. His website is SpankTheBoyVideos.

Daddy Howard is aptly named, being a big bear dad type, who has a huge set of hands that have delivered hundreds and hundreds of spankings, as well as chastisements with other implements. Howard is graciously sharing some time with us to do this interview, so let’s dive right in.

How did you begin as a spanker……how far back does your personal spanko enjoyment take you?

From the very first time I ever saw a man naked and was aware of it, I have loved the shape and look of a man’s bare ass. I was never spanked as a child (or as an adult) but the twin boys next door got spanked hard and often by their dad. Their cries and pleas were music to my ears.

So eventually I was looking for guys to spank and I put an ad in a San Francisco Gay newspaper. “BARE ASSED SPANKING. EXPERIENCED. SAFE.” Two calls the first day and it has snowballed into what it is today. There were times on weekends that I spanked so many guys that I split the skin on the palm of my hand or the tips of my fingers.

When did you decide to produce videos of the guys whom you were spanking – and was this a planned activity or did you just happen to shoot scenes and offer them for sale?

I have never filmed a non-commercial video of a pleasure spanking. I have never paid anyone to let me spank them except in commercial videos. All the models in my videos were paid. No one was ever charged to be spanked by myself.

Early on there were very few ‘spanking videos’ available. The ones I found were contrived and seemed poorly acted and poorly spanked. They were also very expensive. I thought “I can do that!”

At first MY videos were contrived and poorly acted, but I think the spankings were more realistic and truly hard spankings than the others. Eventually I told the boys not to act but simply to react. If it hurts, show it. If you feel like crying, cry! The videos got better and my skills at spanking improved.

A little bird (named Rich) told us that he used to purchase some of your earliest efforts, on VHS video cassettes. Sounds like you were an early user of technology, and how did you reach out to interested viewers at that time, to offer this product?

I put an ad in a gay magazine about m/m spanking videos and the result was amazing. I hired someone to make me a website and I put all my videos into the site. $29.95/month for all you could watch. It is still the same price today. I was getting posted letters with orders in them and sending out VHS tapes in priority mail boxes all over the country and indeed the world. DVD’s and the web made all of this much easier.

So now, Daddy Howard has a website, SpankTheBoyVideos, from which you offer clips and DVDs . How long has the website been in operation?

The site is about 15 years old. In that time I have made over 100 videos. They are all in my website but are only for individual sale at my Clips4Sale store 11047. Website is still all you want to see for the monthly rate.

What was the deciding factor that took you from tape cassette distribution to online video production and product sales?

Digital photography and editing tools made everything so very much easier. So did DVD’s as they were so easy to copy and mail. That was the real reason for switching. Better product and easier to produce.

You hail from The City (San Francisco), where you grew up and began your enterprise – and spanked a lotta male butts. Now, you live in Canada. How did you end up migrating northeast?

I fell in love with a man who read some of my blogging and wanted to meet me when he was visiting SF from near Toronto. We each did about 3 trips back and forth in the next few months and I finally asked him to marry me. He agreed and I moved up to his home in Mississauga, Ontario that December. We have just had our 5th wedding anniversary. Still great friends and playmates.

Howard, how do you find your models………….take us through a typical bit of business in how you decide on using a new spank model? Do you audition them prior to shooting?

I have found most of my models through Craigslist, of all things. Go figure. A guy responds and I send him a note explaining what I do, how I do it and what would be expected of him. Also what he could expect including a great deal of pain cuz spanking hurts.

They send me butt shots and face shots. No dick shot required as there is not much use for his penis in this kind of video. They all sent them and I chose the ones I found attractive. I have used all kinds of models. Large and small. Young and more mature. Masculine or a little feminine or childish. I wanted to offer it all.

If they agree to come for a shoot, I let them know that the shoot is dependent upon their showing up looking like they do in the photos and that they will be paid only if the video is completed. Face shots are required. Many asked about that. Many of these guys are str8 and getting spanked for the first time. God only know why they all decided to do this. For the money mostly.

How do you prepare your models for the actual spanking? Do you explain what they will experience, or are they already acclimated to getting their butt cheeks toasted?

While they fill out the release form we discuss what will happen. I tell them about the nudity, sting, restraint, tears, instruments and I suggest that they close their eyes and look at the dollar signs inside their eyelids.

They are also told that this is going to be a spanking, not a beating. There is no harm done. No blood. Only an unhappy boy with a very sore bottom. When we are done I always take them in my arms and comfort them and help them come back down to earth. They get so loaded on endorphins it’s amazing.

Do you do your own editing and production of your product?

Yes, I do all the editing and post production stuff.

What is a Daddy Howard spanking video session like……… you shoot without pause, or do you assemble the product from multiple takes?

We usually shoot 3 scenes (otk, table, wall or hooks on ceiling, etc) Each scene is about 15 minutes long and goes without stopping. We use 3 cameras at all times…a face cam, a butt cam and one moving cam that my husband, Don, is in charge of.

There are short breaks where we are moving equipment and resetting the cameras and stuff. The stuff Don shoots is really good, so usually I use that for the basic recipe and add bits of the face and butt cam to add depth and texture and variety to the videos.

Several other studios occasionally alternate spankers, using different guys to spank different types of models. Are you the only spanker at your site?

I am the only one who has done any of the spankings in DaddyHoward Productions. I think of my spanking and my person as the basis for these videos and the boys more as guest stars. These videos are MY videos.

Many guys watch and enjoy your spankings. What kind of advice can you offer to someone who is new to giving spankings; and what would you advise a newbie who wants to be spanked?

For spankers, watch others do it and use the techniques you see that you like. Listen to your boys. Communicate with them. Find our what they like, what their fantasies are and whether theirs coincide with yours. For newbie spankees, enjoy yourselves but never play with anyone who will not communicate and listen to your needs as well as his. This decision to play is a covenant between you.

And finally Howard, what can your fans and customers expect in 2013?

In 2013 my fans can expect to continue to watch the quality videos I have produced. Regrettably, a rotator cuff injury to my right shoulder has stopped me from spanking boys like I used to. If I cannot put my whole self into a video, I won’t shoot it.

Thanks again for your time and participation, Daddy Howard, purveyor of fine spanking video products.

It has been my pleasure. I sincerely hope that your audience will enjoy our work at DaddyHoward Productions.

I have no doubt that they will, Howard. So, there’s your cue to hustle over to SpankTheBoyVideos or the Clips4Sale site, and check out the scenes – you won’t be sorry!

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2 Responses to Daddy Howard: The Spanking4Men Interview

  1. Philip says:

    Daddy Howard was the first man to spank me as a adult. He read my body language perfectly and I was hooked. The very next week, I was back at his apartment and saw him regularly until I married my husband.
    We had great times together and I was so disappointed when he moved to Canada. But anytime he returns to San Francisco, I will be there!

  2. DaddyHoward says:

    We are both married men now and we don’t play anymore, but I cannot imagine any changes taking place in our friendship. :9)

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