Tropixxx Pic of the Week: Blazing Paddles

male corporal punishment at Tropixxx

Bun-blazing paddling pic courtesy of Tropixxx.

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4 Responses to Tropixxx Pic of the Week: Blazing Paddles

  1. Anonymous says:

    in regard to Bun Blasing ?Padding in my view this is only way to punish a Bad Boy ,Give him a paddling SPanking that he won’t forget .In the clips shown it looks like this is what actually happened

  2. anonymous says:

    Classic Spanking with the Paddle In my view this is definite learning experience for the. spankee one he won’t forget too quickly

  3. Jimbar says:

    Inregard to blazing paddles –If a bad boy needs a spanking for what ever reason my view would be give him a lesson and learning experience my giving him a Ass whipping Paddling Style .

  4. Alan Paul says:

    I like most implements – not just the paddle (on MY bare behind!)
    I have a flogger, also a double strap, a single strap and two bruishes – one a hairbrush with ‘Psychology for the Bare Behind’ written on the flast side, and the other a bath brush besides numerous paddles!!

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