A Liar Punished By Dad: Brand New Film Debuts on Tropixxx

Dad’s home and he’s not pleased at all.  That’s for sure.  And Dad looks like he’s no stranger to wielding the hairbrush.

Something brand new and fresh from Tropixxx for the start of the new year, featuring, if I’m not mistaken, all-new talent.  YES.

– – – – ->If you dig the hairbrush, on a side note, be sure to perv on over and check out my favest hairbrush spanking scenes from Tropixxx.

Anyway, this video was shot with one static camera, apparently peeking through the door, to give you a voyeuristic perspective.

This jock’s Dad walks into his room and unleashes quite a long scolding for not being trustworthy and lying and disappointing him with irresponsible, incorrigible behavior.

The lecture, in this case, might even be worse than the spanking itself? Though the embarrassment of being bare ass like this, is quite bad in of itself.

Be that as it may, this traditionally-minded Dad knows he has some parenting to do, so to speak, and he grabs his wayward son’s flat-backed brush and paddles his jeans covered backside, then undies, and then, the dreaded….”GET those down….Now.”

And on to the bare bottom we go, as the blazing brush peppers his rump bumps.

What this bad boi could have used, however, in my view, in addition is also a long, scorching trip over the knee, as in this iconic Tropixxx film.

Anyway, I’m gonna’ go out on a limb here, and say this hunk will be misbehaving again very soon at Tropixxx, for we can only hope. . .

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