Is This Cops or CSI? No, It’s the Latest from SpankThis!

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Well, it is a new year and 2013 looks very promising at SpankThis. You gotta check out their latest spank scene, with Max Carter and Brant Myers.

The storyline is something that could be an excerpt out of real life, and the videography, production and sound are superb. The producers and crew at Helix (big daddy of SpankThis) set the helix twink assbar to a new high for action and drama sequences, leading up to a sizzling spanking and domination scene.

Max Carter is walking down the street, minding his own biz, when Brant Myers, walking toward him, does the classic pickpocket foil routine…..bumping into Max, jostling him, and while that split second of distraction occurs, Brant lifts Max’s wallet.

This really happens to people, and any police officer can explain the psychology of distracting someone physically – and while they are unaware – picking their pockets for whatever can be found. WARNING – DON’T try this at home, it is illegal and could get your ass arrested, not spanked!

BTW, love the costuming on the boyz, especially the Superman belt buckle on Max Carter’s waist. Super-Max………Super-Twink?? He sure flies down the street on a dead run to get his wallet back from Brant.

Anyway, Brant – playing the role of an snatch-and-grab crook, saunters away, the very picture of innocence. We see Max a little puzzled, suddenly realizing that his wallet is missing, probably lifted by Brant during the intentional bump-and-run.

Run it is, as Max turns around, yells after his assailant, and gives chase. Viewing the master shot, and the set up shots (Holy B-roll Batman!), I found myself almost believing for the moment that this was a surveillance video of a real-life crime in progress, it was just that good. Major Kudos to the production team for their efforts.

Max catches up with Brant as the light-fingered boy ducks into a nearby parking garage, and is apprehended by an angry Max just as the crook tries to hide in a utility room. Max manhandle’s Brant and demands his wallet, while Brant denies taking it, in a belligerent manner that seems totally real.

Then Max grabs for the boy’s pocket and retrieves his stolen property, even as Brant is still brazenly denying the theft, accusing Max of planting the wallet on him to start some kind of sh*t.

Angry accusations fly, and Max decides to deal with the pickpocket his own way. Flipping Brant around and pushing him up against the gated door, he lays some stinging spanks across Brant’s jean-covered butt. The spanks continue as Max shoves Brant into the utility room and up against the wall.

Still denying everything, even with the proof in Max’s hand, Brant acts out the role of a punkish boy caught in the act and whining his defense. Max has a strong right arm and hand and lays some very hard and stinging swats across Brant’s tight booty.

BTW, check out Max Carter in other Helix videos, and see those very well toned biceps on his arms – and we can bet that Brant felt the force of those muscles in the spanks he took from Max.

Not satisfied that his assailant is really feeling punished and repentant, Max sheds his jacket and starts to really deliver a burning hot ass to Brant.

The jeans come down, as do the underwear, and we can see that the previous spanks have started to redden Brant’s cute rump cheeks. Max seems to know just how hard to spank to deal with this prankster-turned-criminal, who is still denying the theft all the way through his hot ass punishment.

Brant doesn’t give in easily, telling Max to F off even as the spanks continue to rain down on his tenderized tush. As the victim of the attempted theft, Max is enjoying the chance to chastise and discipline a punkboy who tries to steal from him.

helix studios male spanking

Finally, after a blistering hand spanking has turned Brant into a sorrowful young guy who yells out an admission of his guilt, Max continues to extract his revenge by dropping his own slacks and undies, and demanding to be serviced by Brant. The action turns from punishment to pleasure; from beating bare ass to a blowie as Max dominates the would-be thief.

After being forced to service Max orally, it seems that Brant wasn’t all that unhappy about the ending of his misadventure. As the scene fades to black, Max is getting dressed and dismisses the boy who disrupted his day. If only all thieves could be dealt with that easily!

helix twinks

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the action sequences are totally realistic and could easily be a slice of real life in the city. Great camera and sound work, and exceptionally fantastic acting by two very hot models, Max Carter and Brant Myers. This production is a nice differentiation of roles for both guys, allowing them to exhibit more of their natural acting talents.

Max is usually found with his megawatt smile and a willing member for sex and loving. Brant too has been seen as a hot emo boy in twink-on-twink scenes. This new video gives both models a chance to portray roles that we rarely see. Spank your browser over to SpankThis, and enjoy the action, interaction, and the climax (literally!) of this hot spank video.

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