Just a Friendly Reminder

gay spanking from Helix

Source image, that is one of my faves, from SpankThis. Just a random re-blog of a vintage/retro style graphic, though this one I aged a bit more.   So just a friendly reminder, to always make sure, when you are reddening the rump humps on a wayward jock or tanning the wriggling tail on an errant twink, you know what to do: undies down and bare ass.   🙂

On a side note, I’m thinking about doing another interview with the legendary seasoned bun blazer TJ Wood.  How wicked kool would that be? Also working on another interview with the spanky peeps over at Tropixxx.  And S4M senior writer Chuck is working on a bunch of super hawt stuff as always.

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2 Responses to Just a Friendly Reminder

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t need a reminder. Any Spanking Licklin & whipping is always Bare Ass no question or discussion can and should take place in these situations It’s all action and this needs to take place to show the person being spanked that the party is over and its all business in the here and now.It’s my belief that sometimes one doesn’t have a good learning experience the first time around and needs to have a second experience of similar sorts in these cases the method may need to be changed in order that the message gets throughIn these situations I have found the Paddle&Strap to be more than a useful instrument in correcting behavior

  2. Anonymous says:

    As it is now 2013the reminder in regard it’s Always Bare Ass is very welcomed.However we all should know that this is the norm for all Corporal punishment .If we didn’t know we are all dually informed now .That being said the question most of the time Athough we nowcwhat the norm is How to we begin when it comes time to give someone a good Licklin and or Spanking .We all know that BareAss means all clothes are removed but question is how do we get to that point It’s my view that the easy way is to start with one Naked however in my view that way may be too straight forwarded .Therefore it would be my view that some clothes would need to remain on at least intially.However the spankee would need to know that at some point that everything would be removed .That would raise the question of who removes what .I don’t think this makes much difference .However it would need to be down and off without question or discussion .My preference to start would be in Jockey Shorts and or Boxers .In some cases a pair of gym shorts might be the best because they would more likely come down and off much easier than anything else

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