Punishment with a Purpose

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Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Reluctant Young Men is one of the primo sites to view young guys being spanked and severely disciplined. Almost all the guys you see are recruited as models who are paid a fee for their appearance and willingness to take a blistering butt beating.

Occasionally, however, a ‘boy’ comes along who needs strong discipline, and is not just a model. Kevin is such a young man.

Rich, the owner and producer of Reluctant Young Men videos has been working with Kevin, trying to help the lad develop more maturity and a good lifestyle. Kevin has been messing up, behaving badly, acting out rudely, and Rich feels it’s time for a hard-hitting lesson.

rym1The action is spread over two episodes, and we see this lad first taken over Rich’s knee and soundly trounced. His ample butt cheeks are already reddened and beginning to blister where the paddle and other implements have been applied.

Rich has also had his hand right into this, applying bare hand to bare butt to make the spanking personal, as this young guy needs to get with the program and mend his ways. As we tune in to part two, Rich is admonishing the lad who is spread across a large cushion over a small table.

The riding crop is now the implement of choice, and despite his attempt to bravely take his punishment, Kevin grunts and groans as the hard leather crop lands across the centre of his tight tush. Rich isn’t applying great force, but each of those smacks brings a response from the young lad as his rump humps get redder with each stroke.

Rich applies the crop to the soles of Kevin’s feet, a rather painful form of punishment and the unhappy boy yelps in surprise. The crop continues to fall across his upturned ass mounds, and we can see that Kevin is really feeling the sting in his tail.

rym spanking 2His wrists are bound and that’s a good thing, since this energetic lad would no doubt try to shield his bottom from the stinging cracks of the crop. Rich decides to change things up a bit, and switches to a light but whippy cane.

The effect is almost like what rural lads endured back in the day, when told to go cut a switch for their punishment. The “zwip-like” sound of the light cane does not reveal how intensely it stings, and even with a tough, jock-type guy like Kevin, it still hurts like blazes and he struggles to maintain his composure as Rich delivers measured blows of the cane to the lad’s muscular butt.

Rich continues to apply the cane and instructs Kevin to call out each stroke and thank him for the discipline. The young man does this reluctantly and his yelps, moans, whimpers and cries are clear indication of the pain he is experiencing.

At the end of the caning, Kevin is ordered to lay still and look at the camera, and we see the eyes of a well-spanked guy. As the camera pans down, we see the red and welted butt cheeks of that well-spanked guy.

This session was truly deserved, and perhaps Kevin will learn his lesson. To watch Kevin and other young lads take their licks, spank your keyboard and order it over to Reluctant Young Men. Bring your own switch as well, since you might be next to take licks!

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  1. Jim-bar says:

    Punishment of any kind should always have a purpose and it s illustrated well n SpankedWhen one mess up there needs to be a clear learning experience Therefore a tanning of one s Hide is often called for In my view discipline.is always necessary and for it to be effective one needs to know when they need it they are going to get it .When this occurs. message is clear as is the pain that does occur for spankee The end result is well tanned Hide without question

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