More Hairbrush? And a Mosaic of Red Ass

I was just wondering, Dear Readers, if you’d like to see more hairbrush scenes on SpankThis?  Or on any site, for that matter? Below is a fav example of Jeff Sterne wielding this traditional implement of discipline on the certainly errant and terribly misbehaving Gavin and his highly spankable backside. Well, you probably already know my opinion on this issue.  🙂

hairbrush spanking

*  *  *

And now, on to Fun with Graphics: below is a mesmerizing mosaic of some of the bestest bare ass imagery, in my humble opinion, culled from the massive archives at SpankThis — threw this collage together just for fun, hope you enjoy.

helix studios' spankthis

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3 Responses to More Hairbrush? And a Mosaic of Red Ass

  1. anthony says:

    By far my favorite now and most feared instrument as an adolescent and caused memory loss because one moment I was looking at that brush in my step dad’s hand next moment I was wondering what’s all that racket I hear and why is my face wet? Oh it’s me kicking and begging for that hairbrush to stop burning my ass as salty tears cascaded down my face!

  2. Jimbar says:

    I believe the Hair brush has very big contribution to make in the Spanking(Licklin of all who may need physical correction there is little doubt that it does the job well .It is also the first choice of many Spankers who use various instruments in the Tanning -Roasting of Hineys that are in need of correction With that said it is my view that the Strap&Paddle also serve the same purpose so it is up to ones choice as it should be as he or she is the one using it .One needs to be comfortable in what ever is used however it all serves the same purpose Perhaps the Hair brush is better used on the young and the other instruments are more suited to the older sect of clients

  3. Anonymous says:

    The collage of spanked hides was outstanding I believe it points out well whst happens to all are victims of this type of spanking.In essense it should serve vas a deterent to those who may want to risk bad behavior KNOWING the result of such behavior should help one avoid it .However Human Nature for most part doesn’t allow for this Therefore there will be some who will test the limitsand therefore will need to be punished .Correction by Spanking /Licklin is never easy but always necessary So we are sure to see another Collage of Spanked Ass in the future. My view is very clear if one misbehaves in any way HeOr She needs to receive punishment that fits the crime so speak .Therefore I fully Endorse a Licklin /Spanking for all those who have earned it with poor behavior and or for misdeedsWhen this punishment occursit needs to done so that is one that is not easily forgotten In conclusion when a Spanking needs to occur the Normal Norm for the same needs to be followed without question or discussion .We all know what this meansThere fore all Spankings /Licklins Are Given Bare Ass without question and or discussion

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