The Time for Talking is Over

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4 Responses to The Time for Talking is Over

  1. Jimbar says:

    A good strapping of one s Hiney does all the talking for me .I believe actionspeaks much louder than words.To me when it comes to correction there is nothing thst works better than a good Licklnbe -Spanking .When this action takes place after some discussion has taken place it tells me that things have been talked out and the Final course of action needs to take place .I believe that then all action needs to be the Nonverbal-kind of communication and the action needs to take place without any further delay.In some situations the dialogue can take place after the action has been accomplished but for most part my view is a brief discussion can should take place prior to the action I then believe a short time for preparation and reflection on all parties are necessary .If this forum is followed and it is my preferance then little or know communication is necessary after the fact .The action which takes place does all the talking.In situations where it is felt that some verbal followup is necssarythst should take place the next available time that is convenient for all partiesIts always vital to give all parties involved in a physical encounter a little time to cool off before attempting to put closure to that particular situation

  2. anonymous says:

    in regard to It’s time for the talking to be over–I believe that some dialogue needs to take place when there is a possability that a correction in the form of Corporal punishment needs to take place.However Lectures as such just don’t do it .Action always speaks louder than words .Therefore if one needs to be taken to task for misbehavior that should take placevfront@center and there is very little need for any dialogue.If punishment is called for and this to me means to me A licklim and or a spanking the only communication necessary is to give instructions as to what will occur and nothing more .To me this means the where and when of the punishmentTO BE CLEAR THIS MEANS SIMPLY PUT -Get prepared for what needs to happen that means Remove all your clothes and assume the position this needs to happen quickly and for most part with no communication.Therefore the time For talking is over and the action that is necessary is about to begin It should be noted that the Norm for all Licklim and or spanking is Bare Ass Under no circumstances should this norm be acverted .It is what it is

  3. Jimbar says:

    I agree somewhat with both of comments made before It is my belief that talking or better put lectures have there place when there is Poor Behavior .However there needs to be a time frame but on this and once the time has run out there can’t be any talking that is going to change the situation One needs to have time and space in order to correct poor behavior but if the poor behavior and attitude continue to be a problem then there is no choice .Action needs to take place and all need to know that this will be the action from here on in,Excuses. And promises are things of past .In these situations the action taken is with the Strap and or Paddle These instruments will then being all the talking that needs to take The Spankee will also do some talking (yelling -crying ETC this is all part of the processIn these cases there is often a definite need for a repeat performance in regard to Physical punishment (Spanking-Whipping ETC It goes without saying that if there is a need for a second time it would be more serve than the first time .Therefore when it comes to what needs to be used for first timers I am in favor of The Leather Strap if there is a second time My preference would be The paddle In essense the bottom line is one needs to learn a lesson and most times it takes more than once this is sad but often necessary and true

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous –I agree with all that being said however In my view sometimes there is to much verbal dialogue and not enough action .Therefore I believe the action should take place and the talking if necessary can take place later Generally speaking there isn’t much to say once action has taken place .Action in form of a Strap -Paddle takes care of all the necessary and all the needs have been met until there is a need for a repeat performance

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