JockStrap Punishment: Coach Clark Spanks Luke

All photos courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

Helix Studios spankthis

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Take a total jock-type guy, add one cute twink with a youthful face and a cute round butt, and you have the makings of a fun spank video.

helix gay spankThe team at SpankThis did just that, and Hayden Clark steps onto our screens as the young coach who is totally pissed at Luke Allen – who portrays a young player – for missing paddle jockstrapa goal and messing up the team. It doesn’t take long for a verbal dressing down to switch to corporal punishment for Luke’s slack attitude and careless behaviour.

Coach Hayden begins by applying his toughened hand across Luke’s shorts, and the lad demonstrates right away that he feels the heat.

The spanks continue, accompanied by a serious dressing down (again verbally but it gets more intense shortly) as the Coach tries to impress upon his errant player how irritated he is with the lack of commitment Luke shows to the team.

As mentioned, the action does intensify as Luke gets those shorts down to show off a cute, jockstrap-clad ass. I am a sucker for boybuns carefully wrapped up in a jock, so this one surely appealed to me on that level.

jockstrap ass

Jock-butt lovers, pay close attention! If you’ve never had a hard hand spanking on the bare, believe me it stings like a bitch – and Coach Hayden is not sparing any effort to impress Luke of his unacceptable behaviour.

The heat is on and building, as Coach decides to ramp up the spanking and yanks the jock down below Luke’s already pink and toned-up tush. Luke is not happy and is feeling the sting and burn, as he groans with pain while trying to endure the spanking and salvage some dignity.

jock spank helix studios

Finally, Coach Hayden decides it is time to really send a strong message to the lad, and brings out a large, varnished wooden paddle. The expression on Luke’s face is one of “OH SH*T – how it’s REALLY gonna hurt.” And, the Coach is no amateur at laying on those paddle licks.

He hits a number of home runs across Luke’s cute cheeks, and finally he gets the response he needs. Luke is a well-chastised young player, who promises to do better. As this spanking vignette draws to a close, Luke is moaning in pain and mumbling about his spanking, and as he pulls up his jockstrap and shorts, we can see a rosy red rump that will stay hot for a while.

Both models seem new at spanking, but they hold it together and deliver a tidy little video playing now at SpankThis that will warm your pervy spanko hearts — as it did for mine. (LUV that jockstrapped butt on Luke!!)

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4 Responses to JockStrap Punishment: Coach Clark Spanks Luke

  1. Jimbar says:

    It appeared to me that this jock got a Classic Licklin in his jock .We all know that a Jock doesn’t protect ones Ass .So for all practical purposes this was a Bare Ass Licklin which was somewhat modified do to the fact that part of this Licklin was accomplished in the errant young man (Luke) shorts Athough thevclips of this Licklin were great it seemed to indicate that the Coach struggled to get his point made.Perhaps there good have been accomplished if two things would have occurred 1)The gym shorts needed to come down from the beginning 2) The paddle should have been used sooner and Luke should been put across a Bench(Horse) and made t lay it all out so that he was in position3) Thr effort to remove Luke Jock Strap wad unnecessary as theAss which was the Target Area was right there for the taking and didn’t provide any protection anyhow.Another point was perhaps there was too much dialogue going on during the course of this situation .In my view when it comes time to give a errant person a Licklin and or Spanking the time for dialogue is over .The paddle &Strap need to provide the action and dialogue .It also vital to get to the accomplished the sooner the better

  2. anonymous says:

    Jock or no jock this is classic Spanking /Licklim We all know that a jock is used to keep ones Pkg in control.We also know that a jock does nothing to protect ones Ass Therfore the coach has his prime target and somehow it can’t be can’t be laid out or presented in a better way .It’s all there waiting for what the reality of a good Spanking
    I might add attempts at swats over shorts are always useless It is a standard Norm that all Spanking /Licklim be given BareAss so don’t understand why there was a struggle to remove and or drop this players shorts this should have been the first order of business As far rippling down the jock I am not sure why this was done it was unnecessary because as it was stated before the target area this young man Bare assess right there All that be said the Clips shown and the narrative were great .However it appeared to me this Coach as pissed as he was suppose to be he certainly struggled to accomplish this Spanking/Licklim. I believe that what was achieved could havevbeen much easier as a struggle as it was played out was unnecessary.I’m sure a more experienced and skilled Spanker would have played this Saracio out in a different way and the result would have much different and in less time too.

  3. anonymous says:

    I would like to Add to my previous posting– The Clips of his jock Ass were very Hot

  4. anonymous says:

    A spanking in. Ones Jockis very much a good roasting of ones hide .I don’t understand all the concern. About the Jock .In regard to this so what’s the big deal we all know it provides little or no protection in regard to ones Ass In addition we all know that for all practical purposes the Spanking is on the Bare (Skin to Skin) what more does one want .To me it’s made out to be more than it is .I don’t see or understand the point Someone please help me understand .

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